Building Code Appeals Board

Act on applications of appeal to Building Official's decisions.


  • 0 Current Vacancies
  • 3 Terms Expired

Size 5 Members

Term Length 1

Term Limit n/a

  • Membership

    Not less than five members, with at least one experienced builder, and at least one licensed professional engineer or architect; with alternates permissible. Membership is At-Large. Appointments shall be for four years to coincide with the term of the BOCS.

  • Meetings

    Periodically as dictated by appeals; and within thirty calendar days of the notice of appeal.

  • Compensation


  • Liaison

    Eric Mays, Building Development Division Chief
    Department of Public Works
    5 County Complex Court
    Prince William, VA 22192
    Phone: (703) 792-6873
    Mail Stop: DS900

  • Resolution

    Va. Code Ann. Sec. 36.97 et. seq.;
    Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code Sec. 121.0; P.W.C. Ord. No. 91-138 (Dec. 17, 1991)