Racial and Social Justice Commission

The Racial and Social Justice Commission will initially examine the state of racial and social justice for people of color in the areas of policing, the provision of government services, and public education, subject to the establishment of a partnership with the Prince William School System.



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Size 12 Members

Term Length 4 Years

Term Limit n/a

  • Membership

    The Racial and Social Justice Commission shall have not more than twelve (12) members. The Board of County Supervisors will appoint eight (8) members, one per each magisterial district and one at-large, and a Prince William County School system representative. The Chief of Police, the County Executive, and the Chair of the Human Rights Commission or their corresponding designees will be members ex officio of the Commission. The Commission will elect a Chair and a Vice Chair among themselves. All members of the Commission serve at the pleasure of the Board of County Supervisors.

  • Meetings

    A meeting schedule will be determined by the Commission after its initial meeting.

  • Compensation

    All members will serve without compensation.

  • Liaison

    Raul Torres
    Human Rights, Executive Director
    P: (703) 792-4680
    E: [email protected]

  • Resolution

    Res. No. 20-725, October 20, 2020