Jail Board Members

The Prince William-Manassas Regional Jail Board is the operating authority for the Regional Adult Detention Center. For more information, click here.


  • Chairman: Glendell Hill, Sheriff (Prince William County, Cities of Manassas and Manassas park)
  • Amy Ashworth, Commonwealth's Attorney (Prince William County)
  • Steven Austin, Director of Office of Criminal Justice Services (Prince William County)
  • Rev. Cozy Bailey, Citizen-at-Large (Prince William County)
  • Lisa C. Climer, Citizen-at-Large (City of Manassas)
  • Elizabeth Guzman, Citizen-at-large (Prince William County)
  • Douglas W. Keen, Chief of Police (City of Manassas)
  • Tracey A. Lenox, Public Defenders Office (Prince William County)
  • Peter Newsham, Chief of Police (Prince William County)
  • Jacqueline Smith, Clerk of the Court (Prince William County)
  • Raul Torres, Human Rights Office Executive Director (Prince William County)
  • Vic Hatcher, Police Captain (City of Manassas)
  • Zalouteacha Jackson (Prince William County)
  • Anthony Kostelecky (Prince William County)
  • Richard Mattox (Prince William County)
  • Jarad Phelps, Deputy Chief(Prince William County)


  • Sharon Pandak, Attorney-at-Law (Jail Board Counsel)