Mission & Vision


Through collaboration with community partners the Animal Control Bureau prevents animal cruelty, protects public health and safety from dangerous animals, provides humane care to abused and neglected animals, educates the public about responsible pet ownership, and gives adoptable animals a second chance at a forever home.


The vision of the Animal Control Bureau is that Prince William County will be a humane community in which all animals are treated with respect and kindness; and all healthy, treatable and able-to-be-rehabilitated companion animals are saved and placed in forever homes.


The honor and dignity of the animal care and control profession lies in a just and reasonable code of ethics. In order to carry out our responsibilities to meet the ethical obligations of our chosen profession we will:

  • Strive to achieve the County vision, values, ethical and leadership philosophies; the Police Department mission and vision; and the Animal Control Bureau mission, vision, goals and objectives.
  • Provide humane treatment and disposition for all animals in our care, supporting responsible adoption, owner redemption, foster care and transfer; always mindful of what is best for the animal’s welfare.
  • Through public education, and application of state laws and county ordinances, we promote responsible pet ownership, increase the community’s standard of care, and prepare the community to care for animals in disasters
  • Prevent animal cruelty and neglect through public education, thorough investigation, and aggressive prosecution of offenders in collaboration with other criminal justice agencies.
  • Provide humane handling of animals to minimize stress when approaching, capturing, and caring for the animals we come in contact with.
  • Provide adequate care, exercise, food, shelter, water and necessary veterinary care to all animals we transport and shelter.
  • Work with our veterinary and community partners to provide emergency care to diseased and injured animals. When necessary, we will provide a humane and dignified death by recommended and approved methods for animals in our care.
  • Pursue opportunities for professional education and training to improve knowledge and skills.