The Prince William County Police Department's Animal Control Bureau is responsible for enforcing animal welfare laws, conducting animal education seminars and operating the Animal Shelter.

The Animal Control Officers enforce County and state animal care and control laws, investigate complaints of animal cruelty and neglect, quarantine animals that have bitten humans, provide 24-hour service for injured animals and other animal emergencies, provide public education on animal laws and animal care in disasters and remove stray animals from streets and public areas. For Animal Control services, call the Police non-emergency number at (703) 792-6500.

The Animal Shelter is located across Route 234 from the Prince William County Landfill. The address is 14807 Bristow Road, Manassas, VA 20112. The telephone number for the Shelter is (703) 792-6465.

When a stray animal is found and brought into the Shelter, it is scanned for a microchip identifier. If you have your pet microchipped, be sure to have your veterinarian periodically scan for it so you know where it is located on your pet. The implanted chip has been known to migrate to a different location under the skin due to multiple factors.


In an attempt to limit exposure to COVID-19, the animal shelter will only be servicing one individual or group at a time. Please do not plan a visit if you have recently traveled overseas, have a fever, are coughing, or have been around anyone that has met these criteria. If you have an issue that can be handled via phone or e-mail, please contact us at (703) 792-6465 or [email protected]