Pet Leash Info

This is a Leash. . . and there are Laws Requiring its Use!


  • It is the best birth control device, preventing random mating and unwanted puppies.
  • It is the best way to keep your dog uninjured; it restrains your pet from darting into traffic -- thus eliminating pain and veterinary bills.
  • It is the best good neighbor policy maker, keeping your pet from any sort of trespassing -- destructive or otherwise -- on your neighbor's property. It will also keep your pet from jumping up on children or adults and possibly injuring them, as well as the discomfort or fright it might cause. Click here for a Trespassing Animals Form.
  • It is the best identification service, since the license tag attached to the collar will help your pet be returned to you if it should be lost.
  • It is the best wildlife and environmental protection, keeping your pet from harassing deer and other wild animals, either by itself or as part of a wild dog pack.
  • It is the best way to develop an affectionate pet, since the touch of it gives your dog definite assurance that it is protected, loved and wanted.
  • It is also the best crime-prevention device, because when this leash is not in use, your pet will be at home, overseeing matters and protecting its family.  

USE IT! Keep your dog leashed as a habit and as a matter of civil and civic practice.