Surrendering a Pet

If you live in Prince William County and are unable to keep your pet, please consider all other options first as relinquishing your pet to the Shelter should be your last resort.  If you have exhausted all other options and still need to rehome your pet, please call or email us to make an appointment.  We currently have a managed intake policy in place and will place you on the waiting list or schedule an appointment for you, if space is currently available.  At times, the average wait time to surrender a pet may exceed two weeks.  We do our best to move the animals through the Shelter as quickly as possible. The managed intake policy allows staff to prepare in advance for your pet and allows us to ensure that we have the kennel or cage space available to prevent overcrowding.  It also gives you time to ensure you have the proper documentation needed to surrender and think about your decision to give up your pet.  We understand that emergency situations arise, and we will do our best to accommodate you immediately in this type of situation. 

When you arrive for your scheduled appointment you should be prepared to provide photo identification and proof that you are a resident of Prince William County as well as any veterinary records you have for your pet.  We ask that you fill out a Pet Profile Form (Cat Form and Dog Form)  to help provide us and any potential adopter with vital information about your pet's personality and prior history.  All dogs and cats released to the Shelter must pass a behavior evaluation and receive a medical exam prior to being considered adoptable.  We do not make any guarantee that your pet will be placed up for adoption. 

Dog Question.jpg Cat Question.jpg

You will be required to sign the following Owner Release Form which gives Prince William County legal ownership of the animal.  Please take into consideration that signing this form is final and if anyone else has a claim to ownership of the animal that they are contacted prior to surrendering the pet.

Owner Release Button.jpg

If you decide that surrendering your pet is the right decision for you please contact us by calling 703-792-6465 or by sending an email to [email protected] so we can get you on the list.  Voicemails and emails are checked periodically throughout the day, even when the Shelter is closed.

**If you adopted your pet from another shelter or rescue, please contact them first.  Most reputable groups will take the animal back as required, per the contract you signed.