Customer Handouts

Below are the latest and most current version of all the handouts we provide to our customers. The handouts are organized alphabetically with their latest version date. We are continuously updating and adding handouts to this page. We welcome your questions and suggestions on improving the Customer Handouts page.

Customer Handout Title Version Date
Amusement Device Submission and Inspection Guidelines 05/28/19
Approved Third Party Inspectors - Building 04/23/20
Approved Third Party Inspectors - Fire Protection 09/17/18
BDD Fee Schedule (effective July 1, 2020) 07/1/2020
Building Code Appeals 09/11
Checklist for Retaining Wall Submissions and Inspection Requirements 07/19/19
Commonly Found Safety Violations in Existing Tenant Spaces and Buildings 04/06/18
Contractor Licensing Information 05/19/15
Converting a Carport to a Garage 06/12/19
Customer ePlans Guide 04/13/20
Development Services Customer Satisfaction Survey 08/09/11
Fire Marshal's Office: Code Compliance Manual (2015 Edition USBC & SFPC)
(including Inspection Permit and Plan Review Fees)
Guidelines for Building a Shed 06/12/19
Guidelines for Finishing Your Basement 07/10/19
Guidelines for Replacement of Mechanical Equipment without Building Plan Review 06/03/15
Guidelines for Retaining Walls 4' in height or less 04/14/2021
Guidelines for Using the Automated Plan Status & Inspection Scheduling Systems 05/22/19
Instructions for Arranging a Preconstruction Meeting for Special Inspections 01/15/12
Joint Occupancy Evaluation Program (Policy 2.4) 07/01/09
Posting of Occupant Load (Policy 2.7) 07/01/09
PWC Code of Ordinances - Home Improvement Contractor License 01/25/13
Requirements for Mandatory Third Party Inspections Managed by the Special Inspections Section 01/15/12
Residential Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs Barrier and Safety Requirements 10/28/19
Residential Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs Plan Review Requirements 07/10/19
Residential Roof Replacement Requirements 01/08/2019
Retaining Wall Inspection Requirements 07/19/19
Requirements for Post Concealment Inspections for Construction Inspections 11/18/16
Requirements for Post Concealment Inspections for Special Inspections 11/18/16
Residential Plan Review Requirements 06/12/19
Soil Categories 08/07/09
Solar Energy Systems Plan Submission and Inspection Guidelines 10/28/19
Solar Energy Systems Tax Exemption PWC Code of Ordinances 05/06/14
Special Inspections Manual (VUSBC 2015) 10/26/15
Special Inspections Manual Appendix II 12/01/11
Temporary Hypothermia Center Program 10/20/15
Temporary Stages and Platforms – Submission and Inspection Guidelines 8/31/18
Temporary Tents – Submission and Inspection Guidelines 8/31/18
Third Party Building Inspection Certification Program (Policy 1.16) 10/15/09
Typical Construction Specifications 07/19/19
Typical Residential Deck Design (VUSBC 2015) 03/01/20
Typical Residential Pools, Spas, and Hot Tubs Plan Specifications 10/29/19

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