Personal Property Tax Relief Act

The County receives a fixed amount each year as reimbursement from the Commonwealth pursuant to §58.1-3524 of the Code of Virginia. This reimbursement is for tangible personal property tax relief (also known as “Car Tax Relief”). The County has opted to allocate its reimbursement amount from the Commonwealth on a per vehicle basis. The reimbursement amount for tax relief on qualifying vehicles provides the following effective tax relief percentages:


Vehicle Value

​Percentage of Tax Relief

$1000 or less ​100.0%
​$1001 to $20,000 ​45%
​$20,001 or more  45% of the tax due on the first $20,000 of assessed value


The tax due on qualifying vehicles will be reduced by the percentage shown above based on the assessed value of the vehicle. The specific amount of car tax relief allocated to your vehicle will be shown on your bill with the notation “Car Tax Relief Amount.” For more information, see the Commonwealth of Virginia page on car tax relief.

Car Tax Relief for 2021 will be updated once the percentages are available. 


Year    Percentage of Tax Relief

2020 - 45%

2019 - 46%

2018 - 47.5%

2017 - 48.5%

2016 - 50%

2015 - 51%

2014 - 51%

2013 - 52%

2012 - 57%

2011 - 60%

2010 - 64%