Real Estate Tax

Annually the Board of County Supervisors sets a County-wide tax rate, and special district tax rates. The special district taxes levy funds the operation of volunteer fire and rescue companies, storm water management programs, solid waste management programs, and other public services that are requested by property owners to be funded through special real property levies.

The tax rate is expressed in dollars per one hundred dollars of assessed value. For example, if the total tax rate were $1.2075 per $100 of assessed value, then a property with an assessed value of $300,000 dollars is calculated as:

($300,000 / $100) x $1.2075 = $3,622.50

The real estate tax is paid in two annual installments as shown on the tax calendar.

Included on the real estate tax bills is the special district tax for the gypsy moth abatement program. This tax is based on property value and is billed on the first-half and second-half tax bills.

The County also levies a supplemental real estate tax on newly-constructed improvements completed after the beginning of the year.

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Most homeowners pay their real estate taxes through a mortgage services company. The County bills and collects tax payments directly from these companies. Occasionally, the billing information on file is incorrect and a real estate tax bill that should have been sent to a mortgage services company is instead mailed to a property owner. If your escrow real estate tax payment is wrapped in with your mortgage payment a mortgage services company, and you receive a real estate tax bill; please forward the bill to your mortgage company so they can make the payment on your behalf. Payments from mortgage services companies should be sent directly to the County.

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