Vehicle Registration Fee


Prince William County does not issue vehicle decals.


Annually, the County assesses a vehicle registration fee (also known as a license fee) on all vehicles principally housed, parked, or garaged in Prince William County. The vehicle registration / license fee is $33 for autos/trucks and $20 for motorcycles. This fee is in addition to the County personal property tax.


Vehicles that are principally garaged or parked in Prince William County must be registered with the County.

New County residents, residents with a newly purchased vehicle, and residences with a vehicle that has been relocated to the County will need to register their vehicles. Also, any change in vehicle status should be reported to the County. Status change includes: change of ownership (when a vehicle is purchased or sold) and change of location (when a vehicle is moved into or out of the County).

To report the purchase, move, sale, or disposal of a vehicle. Go online and register for an account at or contact Taxpayer Services at 703-792-6710 (M-F 8AM - 5PM).


  • Vehicles that are principally garaged or parked in Prince William County must be registered with the County.

  • Vehicles that are located in Prince William are assessed an annual registration fee of $33 for autos/trucks and $20 for motorcycles.

  • New County residents must register their vehicles within 60 days of moving into Prince William County. Vehicles are taxable as of the move-in date.

  • Newly purchased vehicles must be registered with the County within 60 days of the date of purchase. New vehicles are taxable as of the date of purchase.

  • Replacement vehicles, the registration fee is waived when a vehicle is purchased as a replacement for a vehicle which the annual registration fee has already been paid.

  • Registration fees are never prorated or refunded.

  • Registration fees paid in the current year to another locality will be honored by Prince William County.


Vehicles exempt from the local vehicle registration fee include:

  • Vehicles owned by active-duty military persons not claiming Virginia as their home-of-record (vehicle must be 100% owned by Non-Virginia military personnel)

  • Vehicles with disabled permanent license plates

  • Vehicles displaying a disabled placard (one vehicle exemption per placard)

  • Vehicles owned by certain fire and rescue volunteers

  • Vehicles with antique plates, government-issued plates, or medal of honor plates

  • Newly purchased vehicles that replace a vehicle on which the owner has already paid the license fee for the year


New vehicles can be registered and changes made to existing vehicles by going online and setting up an account at or by calling Taxpayer Services at 703-792-6710. Please have your vehicle's registration information available when reporting new vehicles.

For more information, call 703-792-6710 (M-F 8AM - 5 PM), Metro 703-631-1703 ext. 6710, or e-mail [email protected].