Land Records Search

The GTS Office has some subdivision plats on file. However, the Clerk of the Court Land Records have all recorded subdivision plats and deeds on file. A subdivision plat shows every lot in the subdivision. It does not show buildings or their dimensions. Copies of subdivision plats are available for purchase at the Clerk of Circuit Court Land Records located at 9311 Lee Avenue, 3rd Floor, Manassas, VA 20110. Their phone number is (703) 792-6035.
Neither the Prince William County offices nor the Courthouse keep copies of individual house location surveys/plats. A House location survey shows the boundary of the parcel/land, and where the house is on the land. It will show the distance from property edges to the house and can be used to figure the length of the house. If you need a house location survey, try one of the following resources:
  • your lender/mortgage company,
  • the surveyor that was used for settlement,
  • your settlement papers,
  • the settlement attorney, or
  • the title company that handled the sales transaction.

How can I find the owner of a property in Prince William County?

Property ownership information is provided by the Real Estate Assessments Office at 703-792-6780 or online.