Frequently Asked Questions

What is the County line item Proposed FY2022 Budget?
Please see the County line item budget and Fund Type and Fund Reference Guide. The Schools' budget and prior year actual expenditures are presented only at a summary level. This spreadsheet may take a few minutes to download.

What is the value of a penny on the real estatetax rate?
Each penny of the adopted $1.125 tax rate generates $6.8 million. Under the adopted Revenue Sharing Agreement, $3.9 million funds the PWC Schools services, and $2.9 million funds County services.

What is the County's projected population growth rate?
The County's projected population growth is available in the Population Estimate Chart-January 2020.

Notes: COG = Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. All COG projections are from the round 9.0 forecast. The logarithmic growth trend line was generated using computer software based on the 2000 and 2010 Census population totals and the 2020 COG projected population for Prince William County. Growth in the county is projected to slow and eventually level off. This trend line is subject to change and fluctuation and could be impacted by phenomena such as fluxes in the real estate and economic markets or local planning and land use policy changes. Additional information on PWC demographics are located at demographics.

What is the County/Schools revenue sharing agreement?
Please read the County-Schools Revenue Sharing Agreement.

What amount does the County pay to the Hylton Performing Arts Center and how long will the payment continue? The proposed budget (page 322) includes a debt service amount for the Hylton Performing Arts Center (HPAC) of $1,842,900 and a capital maintenance contribution of $150,000 in FY22. The Five-Year Plan includes the following funding amounts for HPAC:


The first payment was in 2010 and the final debt payment will be made in 2030. Please see the HPAC Debt Service payments from 2019 through 2030.

What is the fleet management replacement policy?
Please read the Fleet Management Replacement Policy.

What is the debt service for golf courses and waterparks in Prince William?
Please read the Golf Course and Waterpark Debt Service.