Local Wildlife

Wildlife Watching in Prince William County

Virginia's Watchable Wildlife Program began in 2001  to enhance, elevate and promote wildlife viewing and nature appreciation for the benefit of society, while building community awareness, understanding and support for the conservation of the wildlife and habitats upon which these activities depend.

While the most notable accomplishment in the first years has been the development of the Virginia Birding and Wildlife Trail, many other areas have and are being addressed by Department staff. The major program areas are:

  • Providing Technical Assistance to both public and private land stewards to improve their land for wildlife viewing
  • Addressing urban wildlife issues through workshops, publications, and web-based information
  • Sponsoring and/or attending wildlife-related events
  • Coordinating the Department's Wildlife Mapping Program
  • Coordinating DGIF sponsorship of Virginia's Master Naturalist Program

The deciduous forest regions in Prince William County make for a wide array of interesting "neighbors" for us to enjoy. Interesting in knowing more about what you might find here? Click the pictures below for a list. Our wildlife information has graciously been shared by the Prince William Conservation Alliance.

Respecting Virginia's Wildlife

The first key to watching is to understand how to do it responsibly. Respect Virginia's Wildlife explains the best ways to get the most out of your wildlife viewing trips. When wildlife watching, always keep in mind that you are the visitor!