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Prince William County Police Department

Accountability & Use of Force FAQ


The Prince William County Police Department is committed to our community. In difficult times like these, it's important that we, as a community, come together from constructive discussions and work towards solutions. Over the past several days, we have heard several messages from our community. The relationship between our Department and our community has always been strong, and we know there are always ways to strengthen those ties. One of Prince William County's greatest strengths is our diversity. As a police department, incidents like we've seen in communities across the Country remind our officers of our pledge to the oath we take and the Constitution we protect for everyone regardless of their background. Fair and impartial policing is at the core of our training, treating others with dignity and respect, and being professional with the highest level of integrity. We know the conversation of unity, equity, and equality needs to continue, and we are ready to work together.


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  • Is the Prince William County Police Department an accredited agency?
  • What is the Department's position on First Amendment demonstrations?
  • How does the Department engage with our community?
  • What level of training do new officers receive and what ongoing training is required for all officers?
  • ​​​​​​​How can community members learn more about the Police Department?


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  • What is the Department's use of force model (use of force continuum)?
  • How does the Department investigate, and report uses of force (comprehensive reporting)?
  • Is there any other tracking of uses of force?
  • Does the Department release a report on officer uses of force?
  • Do officers train how to de-escalate an encounter?
  • Does the Department ban chokeholds and strangleholds?
  • Does the Department have a Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) for encountering individuals experiencing a crisis?
  • Who determines if deadly force is justified?
  • Does the Department require a verbal warning before shooting?
  • What information does the Department release on deadly force encounters involving officers?
  • Do officers have duty to intervene to stop another officer's behavior?
  • Does the Department ban shooting at moving vehicles?


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  • What is the process for hiring police officers?
  • How does a community member file a complaint against an officer and what is the process?
  • Does the Department release a report on officer complaints?
  • Are Department members required to identify themselves?
  • Does the Department use body-worn cameras or vehicle-mounted (dash) cameras?
  • Does the Department conduct any surveys to gauge community satisfaction?
  • Does the Department offer any assistance to officers to handle stress?
  • What oath(s) do police officers take prior to serving their community?

For more information, please contact the Public Information Office by calling (703) 792-5123 or email.