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Prince William County Police Department

Police One Academy

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The purpose of this page is to let participants know the MIR information for the various courses in the Police One Academy.

Course Title MIR Hours
L CD Cul
Human Trafficking I & II   6  
First Amendment Rights of Public Sector Employees 2    
Using Social Media for Investigations   3  
Hate Crimes Training For Law Enforcement   2  
​Anti-Bias Training for Law Enforcement ​2
​Emotional Intelligence for Leaders ​2
​Basic Telephone Skills ​2
​Adult Learning Concepts for Field Trainers ​2
​Identity Theft Crimes ​4
​Financial Crimes ​5
​Reducing Graffiti in Your Community 2​
* MIR hours will be credited to your DCJS training history at the end of each April, August and December.

For more information, please contact the Criminal Justice Academy by calling 703-792-6599 or email.