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Yard Waste and other Code Change FAQs

Yard Waste

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  • What are the new requirements for yard waste collection in Prince William County?
  • When do the new requirements for yard waste collection apply in the county?
  • What is the intent of yard waste code changes?
  • What are the benefits of keeping yard waste separate from trash?
  • What materials may be included with my yard waste for collection?
  • Who must separate yard waste under the new requirements?
  • Can yard waste be placed in a container with trash for pick up by the trash hauler?
  • How should the yard waste be prepared?
  • Are there limits to how much yard waste may be set out?
  • Are there any items not included in the yard waste collection requirements?
  • How should I label my personal yard waste container?
  • What if I don’t have room to store an additional yard waste container?
  • My community does not generate yard waste, do we still have to comply with the yard waste requirements?
  • Do I have to participate in yard waste program?
  • Can I bring my yard waste to the Prince William County Landfill and Balls Ford Road facilities?
  • Will there be an increase cost for yard waste collection?
  • Is there a fine or other punishment for not using paper bags or personal containers labeled “Yard Waste?”
  • What, if any, penalties are there for failing to separate yard waste from normal trash?
  • How will the yard waste program be enforced?
  • Can a collection company get an extension beyond October 1, 2020, if equipment delivery is delayed?
  • How often will yard waste, recycling and trash be picked up?
  • Does yard waste have to be in paper bags, are there other options?
  • Will there be a place for haulers to dispose of yard waste collections at Landfill in addition to the Balls Ford Road Compost Facility?
  • How should yard waste be handled at commercial properties?
  • How should yard waste be handled at apartments and/or condominiums?
  • What are the requirements for townhome or condominium residents or homeowners’ association (HOA’s) that have yard waste removed by a landscape contractor?

Recycling and Trash

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  • Can I place cardboard beside my bin, if it is too big or takes up too much room?
  • Is it okay to put my glass containers in the recycle bin?
  • Have plastic bags been eliminated from recycling collection?
  • Why did you eliminate twice a week regular garbage collection?
  • How do you dispose of medical sharps/needles properly?

Apartment and Business

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  • What items will apartments have to provide containers for recycling?
  • When does apartment management begin an education program and what should be included?
  • How should apartments and businesses handle fluorescent lamps and other universal waste items?
  • Can I bring the fluorescent bulbs and batteries from my business to the landfill's HHW program?
  • What is the principal recyclable material for my business?
  • Does my business have to have 25% recycling bin volume?
  • Who must file a recycling report in 2021 and what is the deadline for filing?
  • Do haulers still have to file a special recycling report?

Solid Waste Disposal Fee

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  • What is the Solid Waste Fee used for, how is it calculated and when do I pay it?