Saturday, October 23

Understanding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Their Impact on Our Wellbeing

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Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are traumatic childhood events, such as abuse and neglect, parental divorce, domestic violence, and parental mental illness, among others. Memories of our childhood experiences are stored in our bodies, not just the mind. Experiencing an ACE can increase the odds of developing serious adult health issues like depression, cancer, liver disease, and heart disease. ACEs can also make people more likely to experience suicide, substance abuse, poor work performance, and other negative outcomes. A trauma-informed perspective and approach to care can alleviate the negative impacts brought on by ACEs and significantly improve health outcomes.

What is predictable is preventable. This presentation includes information about:
1. The importance of identifying and addressing adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)
2. The impact of ACEs’ on the brain and behavior
3. How do ACEs impact individuals in my community.
4. Developing a trauma-informed approach to care- including self-care
5. The role of ACEs in my life

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