NCS Technologies Expands in Prince William County

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NCS Technologies, which manufactures networking equipment, rugged servers, computers and 3D printing equipment recently broke ground for a new 108,000-square-foot headquarters on 8.4-acres at the George Mason University-anchored Innovation Park.

Founded in 1996 in Loudoun County, NCS Technologies. Or NCST, is a small, privately held business that specializes in computer manufacturing and system integration with products that meet specific security, environmental, and technology requirements for clients that include all military branches, government agencies and private corporations.

The company moved to Prince William County in 2002 and stayed. “Prince William County is an ideal locality for us because … we’re in the vicinity of the federal government,” said NCST President An Van Nguyen. We also needed land to build a factory. Also, the county government is very friendly toward business and that’s always important. We also have access to a very diverse workforce with different level of skills and reasonable housing costs for our employees, good public schools for our employees and … convenient access to healthcare, culture, entertainment and sport, and that’s why we’ve been here for 19 years and hopefully for a long time to come.”

The growth of companies such as NCST fits in with Prince William County’s small area plan that seeks to direct growth in smaller, key locations across the county. “NCST has moved around Prince William County and has still chosen to stay here to do business and that makes me so grateful because that tells me that we’re doing the right thing,” said Prince William County Chair At-Large Ann B. Wheeler. “Innovation Park and our Innovation Small Area Plan really spans this whole section of the area. This is one of those things you’re going to see springing up that fits in so well with the small area plan.”

Prince William Supervisors Jeanine M. Lawson, Brentsville District; Yesli Vega, Coles District; Victor S. Angry, Neabsco District; Kenny A. Boddye, Occoquan District; Vice Chair Andrea O. Bailey, Potomac District and Margaret Angela Franklin, Woodbridge District, also attended the ceremony.

Lawson said she felt comfortable in speaking for the board with seven of eight board members present. “I represent the board in saying that we are really thrilled that you’re here. You are a hometown success story. Your business is exactly the kind of neighbor that we want here at Innovation.”

The company originally planned to break ground on the state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in 2007, but the Great Recession prevented the start. The COVID-19 global pandemic further delayed things. “We’ve been working on this project for several years now,” Lawson said. “Today is definitely a day of celebration to see this headquarters finally starting to go up. I love bragging about the brain power here at Innovation. There’s so much going on and you are going to be the latest, greatest addition.”

The new building will allow NCST to consolidate its operations from the three buildings it uses now. “One building will allow us to improve the security of our work, especially the work related the U.S. military and some other intelligence agencies. In addition to that, we will take this opportunity to build a modern office space to support both work from home and work in the office,” Nguyen said.

The $15.1-million facility, one of the largest in the Metro area, will quadruple the company’s production capacity and is scheduled to open in the summer of 2022.

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