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Parent Representatives on Family Assessment and Planning Team

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The Prince William County Children’s Services Act (CSA) program has immediate openings for parent representatives on each of the Family Assessment and Planning Teams (FAPTs). We are extending an invitation to apply to interested parties who meet the necessary qualifications.

Parent representatives on the team should:

• Legally reside in Prince William County.

• Have a child or children who have previously been involved with at least one of the public child-serving agencies (Social Services, Court Services, Schools via an Individual Education Plan or Community Services) or a mental health services provider in the community.

• Not have children currently being served under the Prince William County CSA program.

• Not be employed by any of the public child-serving agencies in a capacity in which he or she refers cases to the CSA program.

The FAPT is the primary body responsible for developing and monitoring an Individual and Family Service Plan (IFSP) for each child referred to the CSA program. The core functions of FAPTs are to:

• Meet with families and case managers to assess identified strengths and needs.

• Develop a specific case action form with recommended services to meet identified needs.

• Establish and verify eligibility of children referred through the CSA program for whom CSA funded services are recommended.

• Provide oversight and monitoring of CSA funded services through follow up meetings.

• Utilize the strengths and knowledge of each team member to inform the planning process and provide support to the families.

The intent of the CSA program is to create a collaborative system of services and funding that is child-centered, family-focused and community-based when addressing the strengths and needs of at-risk youth and their families in Prince William County.

The commitment to this intent, as well as the strengths and experience of the individual applying, is critical to the selection of a candidate for representation on the FAPT.

There are three teams that meet for full days each week.

  • FAPT – West meets each Tuesday.
  • FAPT – East meets each Wednesday.
  • Mid-County FAPT meets each Friday, except the first Friday of each month.

Meetings are held virtually via WebEx. Attendance is an expected part of membership, although program staff recognizes that committing to a full day each week can be difficult for volunteers. As such, if individuals are interested in applying for one of the vacancies and would like to discuss attendance options, program staff can discuss attendance accommodations.

All parent representatives are required to file a statement of economic interest annually, per the requirements of the “State and Local Government Conflict of Interest Act,” §2.2-3118, of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended. This information is maintained by the clerk to the Board of County Supervisors.

For more information about the CSA program, the FAPT teams or questions about applying, please contact Jessica Webb, Department of Social Services assistant director for CSA, at 703-792-7645 or by email at [email protected]

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