Prince William County AAA Bond Ratings Reaffirmed by All Three Major Credit-Rating Agencies

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Prince William County Government received a AAA bond rating for the tenth consecutive year. The three major bond credit rating agencies, include Fitch Ratings, Moody's Investors Service, and S&P Global Ratings, reaffirmed the County's financial position with a AAA/Aaa bond rating. This is the highest credit rating available.

The County’s bond rating is the most significant indicator of how well we are managing the financial position of the County while implementing policies that support the local community," said Prince William Board of County Supervisors Chair At-Large, Ann Wheeler.     

Prince William is one of 48 among more than 3,100 counties in the United States to hold the highest rating from all three credit agencies.  The triple-AAA status reflects the financial strength and sound fiscal management practices of the county. 

“These ratings reflect the Board’s unwavering commitment to the county’s principles of sound financial management and are a testament to the strong practices in place at the County and the many economic development successes over the past few years,” said the County’s Chief Financial Officer, Michelle Attreed. 

Fitch commented, The 'AAA' rating is underpinned by the county's superior gap-closing capacity and budget flexibility.”

Moody's stated, “Prudent financial management and sustained economic growth will continue to support the county's sound credit profile.”

S&P, noted, “The growing and diversifying area economy, historically sound financial operations, especially during recent fiscal pandemic-related pressures, coupled with the maintenance of very strong reserves, guided by a seasoned management team and the adherence to conservative and well-embedded fiscal policies underpin the county's 'AAA' rating.”

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