PWC Park Rangers Establish A New Unit of Public Safety Cyclists

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PRINCE WILLIAM COUNTY, May 20, 2021 - Prince William County Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism announced the creation of a new Public Safety Cyclists Unit.  The new Park Ranger Unit will be led by Ranger Michael “Mike” Wear, a certified Mountain Bike Public Safety Instructor.  Ranger “Bike Mike”, is a 23-year member of the International Police Mountain Bike Association, and a certified Instructor since 2001.    

Park Ranger Chief Todd Reid has wanted to create the Bike Unit since he came on board with Parks & Rec in June of 2019. “A Bike Unit affords the Rangers the opportunity to get out of their vehicles and interact with the public to meet their needs,” said, Chief Reid, “It’s important that the public feels at ease with the Rangers, while also promoting a safety presence.”    

The goal is to have the Park Ranger Bike Unit trained, certified and visible in our parks by the end of June.  Potential Bike Rangers will have to complete a rigorous Public Safety Bike Certification course before they go out with the Unit.  The Bike Unit will be riding Code 3 Police Mountain Bikes with a rugged, yet lightweight frame, designed exclusively for Public Safety units.

Bike Units are a “clear connection to the community and an incredible untapped resource,” explained Park Ranger Wear, “Where others may respond, Park Rangers are already there, enjoying the beauty of nature with our guests in the park.”

Ranger “Bike Mike” continued, “Rule #1 in Public Safety is ‘being there.’  We stay on the move and search for the path to our next exciting adventures in the amazing network of trails within the Prince William County Park systems to help wherever we may be needed.  A Ranger’s job is never done.”

The Bike Unit will be utilized for more than just patrolling county trails.  Prince William County Park Rangers have over 60 miles of trails to patrol, along with 81 fitness, recreation and historic properties. 


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