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Volunteer Application

The Prince William County Animal Services Bureau is always seeking volunteers to work with the Prince William County Animal Services Center.

All volunteers must:

  • be at least 18 years old.
  • have no adult record of a criminal conviction.  Criminal history check is required.
  • be able to commit to a minimum of four (4) hours per month.
  • have access to email and the internet to manage your volunteer schedule and receive updates.
  • have the ability to perform the job tasks for the volunteer role assigned.
  • be able to function independently with no supervision once trained.
  • be able to follow directions and use sensible judgement during encounters at the Animal Services Center. 
  • be able to communicate and engage with volunteers, staff, and members of the public appropriately.
  • be willing to adhere to dress code policies. 
  • dog volunteers must be able to control large dogs who may be untrained/pull/jump, etc. This task requires physical strength, quick reflexes, dexterity, and confidence.

Disclaimer: Volunteers may be exposed to loud noises, strong odors, and possibly zoonotic diseases. 

The Prince William County Animal Services Bureau does not offer any volunteering credit, short-term, court-appointed, or youth volunteering opportunities. This includes individuals who are seeking volunteer opportunities on the advice of an attorney. If you are seeking volunteer opportunities as described, you may find them through Volunteer Prince William

If you are seeking to fulfill a school or agency supported program, an internship, or seeking to complete a school project, the Animal Service Bureau has a very limited capacity to accommodate these needs. Individuals who are 18 years or older may contact us at [email protected] to seek an evaluation from the Bureau regarding your needs. 





Foster Application

The goal of our Foster Program is to save lives, free up kennel space for other needy animals, shorten the duration of stay, and improve the overall health, adoptability, and quality of life for the animals at the Prince William County Animal Services Center.  Fosters provide both physical and mental rehabilitation for the animals in their care.  Routine medical needs, and sick and well visits are fulfilled at the Center by staff and Veterinarian.  Fosters must have the flexibility and ability to transport their foster pet/pets to and from the Center or to a veterinary partner when needed.

We primarily seek Foster Care for animals who are (for a variety of reasons) not yet available or eligible for adoption, have a medical need, or are simply not thriving in the shelter environment.

Our foster program is multi-faceted with opportunities to foster several different types of animals:

Our Cat Foster program is heavily influenced by “Kitten Season” with the need for families to foster pregnant cats, un-weaned “bottle baby” kittens, young kittens eating on their own and cats with nursing litters.  At times we also seek foster homes for adult cats who are either recovering from a medical procedure or injury, or who are not thriving in the shelter environment.

Our Dog Foster program focuses on dogs recovering from injury or illness, are pregnant or nursing litters, and (most commonly) dogs passed over for adoption or not thriving in the shelter environment who may be in need of additional assistance to improve adoptability. The majority of foster homes sought are for larger breed dogs.

Or Small Animal foster program most often seeks foster homes for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, rats, and mice that are pregnant, with nursing litters or in need of extensive medical treatment.

Baby animals are generally only in foster care until they are ready/able to be adopted.   Healthy, highly adoptable animals are generally not candidates for Foster Care.  If you have room in your home and in your heart – please consider fostering.

Volunteers and Fosters must have no adult record of a criminal conviction.  Criminal history check is required.