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    New - Yard Waste Program

    A new curbside yard waste collection program begins October 1. Yard waste will be collected separately from trash and recycling. Yard waste must be placed in biodegradable paper bags or containers labeled “Yard Waste”. Do not use plastic bags for yard waste collection. Contact your trash and recycling hauler for your yard waste collection day.

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    Mosquito Spray Schedule

    The Prince William County Mosquito & Forest Pest Management Branch typically sprays for adult mosquitos Monday through Friday throughout the mosquito season, and spray (adulticide) is often done at night but can also occur during the daytime. There is no set schedule or order in which the blocks are sprayed.

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    Compost at Home

    Any time is a great time to start a backyard home-composting. Composting yard waste, such as leaves and grass, creates a rich soil amendment that provides valuable nutrients for your yard. It also saves valuable space at the landfill. Learn how to get your own composting bin.

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    Changes to Landfill Operations

    During the COVID-19 Emergency, there will be changes to operations at the landfill.