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    The Office of Equity and Inclusion serves Prince William County government in partnership with the Board of County Supervisors, executive management, departments, and the community to provide leadership, guidance, and coordination for the organization’s continuing efforts toward building an inclusive culture, where diversity is leveraged as a strength to promote an equitable and inclusive culture for both our workforce and how we deliver services to residents, businesses, and visitors.

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    Equity and Inclusion Draft Policy

    Prince William County Government is committed to diversity of perspective, equity, and inclusion. One step we’re taking more explicitly is the creation of the Equity and Inclusion Policy. As community partners, we appreciate your review of the Equity and Inclusion Draft Policy and welcome your comment. We have extended community comments up to the close of business on Friday, July 30, 2021.

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    New Demographic Data Dashboards

    The PWC Equity and Inclusion Census Tract Demographics Dashboards provide a transparent means of comparing key demographic variables of Prince William County’s population. View the two dashboards of the Commonwealth of Virginia that highlight Virginia's leadership commitments in equity to improve Virginians' access to resources.

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    Community - Partners in Equity & Inclusion

    Prince William County Government is committed to providing an equitable and inclusive culture towards equity and justice within ourselves, our practices, and our communities. As partners, your voice will inform greater communication and responsiveness to the needs of our County residents, businesses, and visitors. Please register to become a partner.

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    Equitable Language Support Services

    Prince William County has collaborated with the Virginia affiliate of the National Korean American Service and Education Consortium and Asian American communities to offer more language support to individuals eligible for the Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHAP).