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    Prince William County Fire Marshal’s Office aims to prevent the inception of fire and hazardous conditions through timely and professional educational, enforcement, inspection, investigative and plans review efforts essential to the safety and well-being of the community. On duty uniformed Fire Marshals provide coverage 24/7 to respond to and investigate code compliance, fire, explosive and environmental incidents.

    5 County Complex Ct., Ste. 160
    Prince William, VA 22192
    Matt Smolsky
    Matt Smolsky
    Assistant Chief & Fire Marshal
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    Plan Review & Inspections

    Use the electronic plan review program (ePlans) to prepare and submit documents for electronic plan review. Electronic plan review will not start until fees are paid and the submittal meets requirements.

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    FMO Training

    Prince William County Fire Marshal’s Office conducts bi-monthly training to meet or exceed the requirements necessary to maintain certification and provide the services inherent to the position of Fire Marshal. Several specialty courses are also offered during the course of the year in addition to the bi-monthly training.

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    Burning Regulations

    There are two recognized types of lawful burning requiring a permit - controlled burning and bonfires. Learn more about the rules and regulations that govern burning in the County and how to get a permit when required.

Fire Safety in Multi-Family Dwellings

Multi-family dwellings pose a large life-safety risk due to the number of occupants that can be living under one roof. Owners and property managers of this type of dwelling are responsible for managing the inherent safety dangers that may be present. Fires in multi-family dwellings can have catastrophic results in occupants’ lives whether by losing property or in the worst-case scenario losing lives.
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