Housing Board Composition

The membership of the Housing Board (HB) shall consist of not less than eight (8) and no more than fifteen (15) persons, approved and appointed by the BOCS. The membership shall be as broadly representative as possible of all lay and professional elements, and shall include at least one (1) resident of the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

The HB shall be composed of eight (8) members to be appointed by the BOCS; one (1) each to represent the Magisterial Districts and one (1) At-Large, and six (6) other members to be appointed by the BOCS, each to be nominated by the following entities:

  • Commission on Aging
  • Committee for Persons with Disabilities
  • Community Services Board
  • Continuum of Care Network
  • Social Services Board
  • Resident of Housing Choice Voucher Program Representative

Housing Board Members

For more information, contact [email protected] or call 703-792-7531.