In 1991 the Prince William County Board of Supervisors authorized the creation of a Human Rights Study Committee to examine the need for a human rights commission based on growing diversity, population needs and resources. After several meetings and public hearings, the Study Committee determined that a need for a Human Rights Ordinance and an agency to enforce it existed. The Human Rights Ordinance would prohibit discriminatory practices based on race, color, sex, national origin, religion, marital status or disability, in employment, housing, public accommodations, education and credit, in Prince William County. In Sept. 1992 the Board of County Supervisors established a Human Rights Ordinance, which created the Human Rights Commission to ensure that “each citizen is treated fairly, provided equal protection of the law and equal opportunity to participate in the benefits, rights, and privileges of community life.” On Jan. 15, 1993, the Human Rights Ordinance became effective and the Commission Office opened to provide services. Residents are encouraged to use its services if they feel their rights are being violated in the areas of employment, fair housing, credit, education and public accommodation.

The primary job of the Human Rights Commission Office is to resolve charges brought to the attention of the
Commission by residents who feel their rights were violated in the areas of:

- Employment - Housing - Credit - Education - Public Accommodation


• Race • Color • Sex • National Origin • Age
• Military Status • Sexual Orientation • Gender
Identity • Religion • Disability • Familial Status
• Source of Income • Marital Status



SV.JPGRaul Torres, Esq (703) 792.4680
Executive Director
[email protected]


Shelia Venning (703) 792.4680
Human Rights Manager
[email protected]

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Kimberly Sparkes (703) 792.7445
Outreach & Education Coordinator
[email protected]


Dennis Sumlin (703) 792.4680
[email protected]


Oliver Demery (703) 792.4680
[email protected]

Tiffany Jones (703) 792.4680
Administrative Specialist
[email protected]