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    All Prince William Public Libraries are closed Saturday, May 25 through Monday, May 27 in observance of Memorial Day.

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    Montclair Library will be closed on May 28–29 for building maintenance.

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Local Authors



Local Author Book Title Category

J.A. Angelo

A Trail of Honesty
Beautifully illustrated, A Trail of Honesty teaches children about honesty while explaining actions have consequences. J. A. Angelo’s delightful story is an ideal way for parents to use consequences to teach children how to be better people—not simply to punish them.


Neeti Bathala (Author), Veronica Jones (Illustrator)

Moonlight Crab Count
Even kids can get involved in science! Ecologist Dr. Neeti Bathala and Jennifer Keats Curtis collaborate to bring us the story of these adventurous citizen scientists. Leena and her mom volunteer each summer to count the horseshoe crabs that visit their beach.


Verdi Jones

The Part They Left Out
We are going to talk about the part they left out and we're going to conquer this.


Julia Ehrmantraut writing as J M Beal

Undiscovered Country, The Case of the Armadillo
The most distinguished contribution to American literature for youth up to age 14.


Jennifer Keats Curtis (Author), Veronica Jones (Illustrator)


Baby Bear's Adoption
Braden and Finley accompany their father, a wildlife biologist, when he tags a bear that has just had cubs and later, use the tag to find her again in hopes she will adopt an orphaned cub. Includes activities.



Jennifer Keats Curtis (Author), Nicole F. Angeli (Co-author), Veronica Jones (Illustrator) The Lizard Lady: Saving a Forgotten Species
Join the Lizard Lady as she cuts her way through thick Caribbean forests searching for critically endangered St. Croix ground lizards. Hunted to extinction on the island of St. Croix by invasive species brought by colonizing farmers, these lizards are now only found on surrounding islands in the US Virgin Islands.

Ed Ehlers

Deer Oh Deer: A Max & Tucker Adventure
Max & Tucker were headed to the woods after some bad rain storms. While playing in the river, they found a deer who was trapped.

Lily & Lucy: An Easter Story (A Max & Tucker Adventure)
Max and Tucker,5-year-old Australian Shepherd brothers, were headed to the woods for an early morning walk on Easter Sunday when they were met with a surprise.


Tasha Fuller

It's Bath Time Baby
It's Bath Time Baby is Tasha's big debut. What began as an impromptu bath time song to soothe and entertain her daughter. Slowly blossomed into an amazing children's book with illustrations from the talented Christiana Sandoval.


Kristi Guillory Harper Counts Her Blessings
At the end of a seemingly ordinary day, four-year-old Harper doesn't think that she has much to be thankful for. Fortunately, her loving parents are there to point out all the wonderful things that happen each day that she should cherish. Harper Counts Her Blessings shows children the importance of taking time each day as a family to reflect upon their blessings and to thank God.
Richard Lee Marsh ABCs of the Air Force | PWPLS Catalog
Describes and illustrates 26 different aspects of the United States Air Force to familiarize young readers with the people, operations and missions.
Kay McB A Problem with Dragons in County Cork
A children's picture book about a problem with dragons in County Cork, Ireland.
Dawn Michele McCarty Being Different Rocks
True story of my rescued dog, Mickie and how he found his furever family. Mickie might be a little different than other dogs, but that's okay: being different rocks!
Kerry Molina Kaci Keeps Going | PWPLS Catalog E MOL
Panic coils itself tightly around me and slowly strangles my confidence like a boa constrictor. The feather in my hair clings to my sticky face, getting in my eyes, obstructing my view. Jagged sequins and pins on my costume uncomfortably prick at my sides and underarms.
Daniel McInerny Kingdom of Patria series: Stout Hearts & Whizzing Biscuits, Stoop of Mastodon Meadow, The Quest for Clodnus's Collectibles Childrens
Belinda Miller The Ragwort Chronicles, Along the Way:Roscoe's Journey - The Ragwort Chronicles, The Beginning: The Ragworts of Brokenfell, Phillip's Quest, Book II: Above the Stars, Phillip's Quest, Book I: Winterfrost Secrets of the Cancer-Slaying Super Man - Twice: How I Became a Cancer-Slaying Super Man Before I Turned 21 Childrens
Stacy Navarre The Who Series Childrens
Tom Noll Trash to Treasure: Recycling Creatively with L.T. series: The Bicycle Fence, Selling Eggs and The Flowerbed - books by Tom Noll Childrens

Cindy Padgett

What if Dogs Were in Charge
Children's picture book


Amir Clayton Powell

The World According to Nailah Manalani DuBois


Camden Short Our Super Solar System
The Sun shines so bright. The stars you can trace. There are so many wonders you can find up in space!" Learn about our amazing solar system through fun rhymes and eye catching images. Written by 13 year old author Camden Short, and illustrated by his 15 year old brother, Michael, this book full of planets, constellations, asteroids, and more is sure to be a favorite for any young scientist at heart.
Ed Speare The Legend of the Christmas Dachshund Children's picture book Childrens
Zachary Tamer Kingdom of Patria series: Stout Hearts and Whizzing Biscuits, Stoop of Mastodon Meadow, The Quest for Clodnus's Collectibles Childrens

Greg Thomas


Patrick Porcupine's Personal Space
An introduction to personal space for youngsters by debut author-illustrator Thomas.

It’s Patrick Porcupine’s first day of kindergarten, and he’s excited to make new friends. However, when he squeezes between two classmates, both shout “Ouch!” when stuck by his quills. Patrick’s upset that no one wants to play with him, and he doesn’t understand why his classmates are getting hurt.

Ashley K. Voris Abby the Labby: Meet Abby Childrens
Bridgette D. Williams Mama's Diary Childrens
Clotilde Zehnder Arthur and Kip Childrens
Morley Malaka Author of Tom Turtle Books—7 individual books with coloring pages, connect-the dot-activities, and an amazing story. YA
Kristy F. Gillespie Jaded, YA Thriller, Hunted, YA Thriller, Even In Death: A Short Story Collection YA
Genevieve Powell (pen name) Cold Kiss Goodbye, Possessed by Vengeance, Reaper ' s Girl YA
Lincoln S. Farish Junior Inquisitor YA
Martina Boone Compulsion YA
Linda S. Johnston Hope Amid Hardship: Pioneer Voices from Kansas Territory YA
F. Sharon Swope and Genilee Swope Parente Violet Fate, Wretched Fate, Twist of Fate YA
Steve Koski Saving my family YA
Joseph Boltersdorf Nightfire YA
Benjamin Rubenstein Secrets of the Cancer-Slaying Super Man YA
Mara Mahan Wardbreaker: A Shattered World Story YA
Tadesse A. Alemayehu Planning Into Excellence Adult/Non-Fiction
Victor Angry Angry Leadership: My Seven Guiding Principles of Leadership
A journey of Victor Angry's military career and lessons learned along the way. Lessons like the importance of mentors, how he defines loyalty, what right looks like and many more. As he looked back on his successful military career, he asked himself what were seven main things did he do that helped him be successful in his military career?

Norma Jean Burnette



40 Years in the Wilderness
In this moving, first book, Norma Jean Burnette says, "I decided to write this book because I spent approximately 40 years of my life trying to figure out my worth, how I was supposed to feel, and what I was supposed to do.



J'nell Ciesielski

Among the Poppies
The ideal lady wears lace, speaks quietly, and never under any circumstances fixes an automobile. But Gwyn Ruthers has never cared two snaps about being the ideal lady.


Carol L. Covin

Who Gets to Name Grandma?


Ginger Harrington Holy in the Moment: Simple Ways to Love God and Enjoy Your Life - Dispelling the idea that holiness is not a religious version of perfectionism, Holy in the Moment includes Ginger’s personal journey in finding help and hope for anxiety as well as biblical insights, and simple ideas to enjoy a deeper life and freedom in our identity in Christ. Adult/Non-Fiction
Bethanne Kim Cubmastering: Getting Started as Cubmaster, Leader of the Pack, 26 Basic Life Skills and many other titles Adult/Non-Fiction

Ellen Butler

Heart of Design


Ellen Devlin

Chasing Paige
He is soft-spoken, gentle, and absolutely steadfast in his love for her; she is torn between a life with the man she loves and the doubts and fears instilled by growing up with an emotionally abusive alcoholic mother. Chris will give her space to confront her fears, but he won't give up on their love and refuses to stop.

Kissing Micky
Kissing Micky has fun-loving Liz Williams being set up on a date with a man straight out of her fantasies – a gorgeous 6’4” glove-dropping defenseman who has just been traded to her favorite hockey team. He’s smart and funny, and so is she, and there are sparks. Their shared best friends want this to happen between them, and it is definitely happening. A lot. But they’re not telling anyone, and neither of them really knows why.


Greg Fields

Arc of the Comet
Arc of the Comet, a lyrical, evocative examination of promise, potential and loss, follows Conor Finnegan, a handsome, charismatic, athletic young man, and Tom McIlweath, a shy and insecure Everyman desperately seeking harmony and acceptance.


Rich Garon

Felling Big Trees
Disgraced Congressman Fran Stewart turns to the American heartland to find redemption in the eyes of his daughter and the woman he loves.

Lee Fitts
You can't stop rooting for Lee Fitts. They say he had such potential. Then after that morning, he became mostly a survivor, traumatized by a horror that took so many innocent lives.


Rachel Kovaciny Cloaked | PWPLS Catalog
Little Red Riding Hood... re-imagined. Mary Rose feels uneasy around Mr. Linden from the moment she meets him on the stagecoach ride to her grandmother's ranch in Wyoming Territory. But ... Other books by this author.
Luz Mejia Palabras Sumergidas - Spanish poetry. Poesia en español. Adult/Fiction
Kate Black The Assistant Adult/Fiction
Jennifer Cullen Of Unsound Mind
This book is based upon true events that will take you on a journey with two sisters who battle a variety of obstacles together to save the two things they both love, two little girls named Blair and Rosaleen.
Dalia Florea

Mirrored | PWPLS Catalog
Teardrops Know My Name | PWPLS Catalog
Reflections | PWPLS Catalog
Whatever Dude! | PWPLS Catalog

William Galaini Sparks from a Cruel Grindstone - Book Two of the Hellbound Series
They come from the smoky depths of Hell's pit. Remnants of the shattered Pious Legion, these hateful castoffs of Earth's Roman Empire seek to conquer. Armed with maddening gas, Maximinus Thrax's airships swarm the skies like vengeful locusts, reducing entire populations to ash.
Trampling in the Land of Woe - Book One of the Hellbound Series
William Galaini

Withered Zion What if America was a Christian Theocracy? In the second novel by author William LJ Galaini, The United States of Christendom stands tall as a beacon of religious authority in the modern world.

Eller Hobbs YA contemporary coming-of-age suspense novel. Mutant rats attack San Francisco. Available on Amazon. - The Rats Adult/Fiction
T.H. Henning Legend of the Chinese Spy |  PWPLS Catalog
A Chinese spy for the ancient Emperors of China is cursed by a witch to never die until he learns the value of a single human life. His adventure-filled journey sends him through centuries of Chinese history encountering bandits, pirates, typhoons, floods, a dragon, a demon, a vampire, and the ghost of the first Emperor of China.
Carl D. Henson Brave Daughter
A young woman discovers that the man she thought was her father really wasn't. Laurie begins a journey to find her real father, who is a Ute Indian! She finds danger, adventure, friends, disappointment, love, and more along this journey.
Plowshares and Gunsmoke
William Collier was a Civil War veteran who set out to create a new life in California. Billy faced harrowing challenges because of his reluctance to use his six gun. He experienced many adventures and difficulties in his life.
Swords, Plowshares, and Pistols
The story is set after the US Civil War. James Watson, a confederate soldier, is unable to pick up his former life in war-torn Georgia and heads west in search of healing, love, and fortune.
Adult Fiction
Paul Holbert Term Limits
Politics At Its Deadliest! The political atmosphere in America is poisoned with acrimony and partisan bickering. People are sick of the ineptitude and dishonesty of their elected representatives and a cry for change echoes from every corner of the land.
T.H. Henning The Scotland Spy | PWPLS Catalog
A spy stationed in Scotland during the Cold War is recruited into the JASON Mission Office which is allied with a Secret Order of warrior monks. He is assigned to missions across the globe and unknowingly is a pawn in a deadly game of revenge.

Smith Kitten

The Smith Kitten Letters: Sent from M's Cat, Smith Kitten, to M's Nephew, David
From the time I was in first grade through my first year of college, my aunt's cat wrote letters to me. These letters are all written from the cat's point of view and provide a description of life with my aunt M in the late 1970's and early 1980's.


Susan Thatcher These Foolish Things Adult/Fiction
Victor Rook In Search of Good Times Adult/Fiction
K.P. Robbins The Stonehenge scrolls | PWPLS Catalog Fic Robbins
The Stonehenge Scrolls Historical Fiction by K.P. Robbins Who built Stonehenge and why?
Sarah Robinson Breaking a Legend Adult/Fiction
Bianca Washington I LOVE / HATE my APPLE life
An easy read that parallels life with apples and the many variations that we encounter. Positively influences the reader to look through a more positive lens when it comes to life matters.

Cindy Welch

The Mists of Tir Na Nóg


Barbara Williamson Angela DeLucci Series
Doctors, Cannolis & the Family Business - PWPLS Catalog
In the world of 1988, Angela is forced to rethink, readjust and reevaluate her life when she finds that her childhood home and the family bakery are being sold. Her secret life apart from the family business is the key to becoming a successful independent and confident woman.
Hugo, Hush Puppies and the Marine - PWPLS Catalog
In the world of 1989 Angela DeLucci and her kitten LB leave her hometown of Providence R.I. and head south in search of a new life. After helping her parents move to Florida she travels to Historic Charleston, South Carolina and buys a run down beach house on beautiful Folly Beach.
Martin Wilsey Mr. Wilsey is a full-time author of Whispers of the Apoc, The Broken Cage and many more. Adult/Fiction

Gail Williams as Vee Daniels

The Seeds of Graceton
In the mid-1860s, Kirk Petersen's family settles on a homestead in North Dakota. After tragedies, he moves to Fargo, where he meets Alice, a beautiful woman running from her past.

The Flowers of Graceton
In this second book of the Graceton series, the homesteaders' dream of their own village continues. It could be dashed by a tragic accident but Myrtle Nesslebaum does her best to keep her vision alive.

Jahleen Wright Cycle of Being Adult/Poetry

Sylvia Beach

A Reality Guide for Cheating Women and Men: Men Speak The Truth About Why They Cheat
A guide to inspire and strengthen marriages and relationships around the world. To help those who have a partner to keep them.


Donald Brown The Morphine Dream Adult/Non-Fiction

Lynmara Colón

Empower Our Girls
In Empower Our Girls, educators Lynmara Colón and Adam Welcome collaborate with a strong cast of contributing authors to shine a light on simple, meaningful changes that need to take place in schools and society at large to help girls achieve more.


Rosalind Frazer Saved, Single and Pregnant - 306.874 Fra
Saved, single and pregnant was inspired after I gave birth to my son as a single Christian woman over twenty three years ago. It addresses relationship issues, parenting struggles medical diagnoses, and triumph!

Frank Fuerst

Alzheimer's Care with Dignity
Featured in Publisher's Weekly; selected by NIH for their website, winner of 3 national awards.


Joe Goodbody

Kentucky Barracuda: Parker Hardin French (1826-1878)
Historical biography of an antebellum and Civil War character. Notorious scoundrel and delightful rogue.


Rebecca Roberts

Suffragists in Washington, D.C.: The 1913 Parade and the Fight for the Vote
The Great Suffrage Parade was the first civil rights march to use the nation's capital as a backdrop. Despite sixty years of relentless campaigning by suffrage organization, by 1913 only six states allowed women to vote. Then Alice Paul came to Washington, D.C. She planned a grand spectacle on Pennsylvania Avenue on the day before Woodrow Wilson'g inauguration. The author narrates the heroic struggle of Alice Paul and the National Woman's Party as they worked to earn the vote.


Eugene Schmiel

Citizen General: Jacob Dolson Cox and the Civil War Era


Eleanor E Thompson The Insider Threat; Assessment and Mitigation of Risks
This book provides emergent knowledge relating to physical, cyber, and human risk mitigation in a practical and readable approach for the corporate environment. It presents and discusses practical applications of risk management techniques along with useable practical policy change options. This practical organizational security management approach examines multiple aspects of security to protect against physical, cyber, and human risk. A practical more tactical focus includes managing vulnerabilities and applying countermeasures. The book guides readers to a greater depth of understanding and action-oriented options.
Heather Steele Elected: Now What? A Handbook for Virginia HOA/Condo Board Members
A basic overview of homeowners association and condo association law in Virginia, for newly minted (or long standing) board members to read and help understand their role as board members of their community association.
Lynne Beverly Strang Late Blooming Entrepreneurs: Eight Principles for Starting a Business After Age 40 Adult/Non-Fiction
Mark O'Connell Justice Denied (latest) Adult/Non-Fiction
Freddie Elliott A Way Out Adult/YA/Non-Fiction
Heather Robinson

Legacy Speaks | Lineage Speaks

I.V. Sokol

Pet Poetry

Masood Khalili

Whispers of War
An Afghan Freedom Fighter's Account of the Soviet Invasion is the real-life tale of a young political leader, Masood Khalili. Son of Ustad Khalilullah Khalili, the great Afghan poet, he motivated his people and led them in their fight against the 'Red Army'.

John Pritchett

Asteroid Apophis: Lord of Chaos

Irene Reisinger

The Happy Atom Story, books 1-4
The happy atom story takes the principles of basic chemistry and weaves them into a fantasy tale that makes chemistry easy to understand and remember.

Irene Reisinger

The Happy Atom Story, books 1-4
The happy atom story takes the principles of basic chemistry and weaves them into a fantasy tale that makes chemistry easy to understand and remember.

Michael T. Ribble

Lieutenant Jacob Starke and Calypso and Lieutenant Jacob Starke and the Anarchists
Historical novels set in the late 1800s Navy, centering on a converted steam bark and her commander. Includes Washington society and politics, the Caribbean, Cuba, filibusters, insurrectoes, and approaching war with Spain.

E.B. Butler

Bells in the Fog

Ben Wuloo Ikari

Tortoise as the Smartest in His Kingdom : Intervened During Hunger Crisis
Ogoni storytelling was a creative delight — a night and sometimes daytime event. Because of their imaginative and artistic underpinning, children were encouraged to sit and listen to stories — most of which were thought-provoking yet funny in many ways.

Ben Wuloo Ikari

Squirrels and Lions : How Honest Communication Sealed Their Friendship
This book is about the importance of honesty and trust. It is about strategic and competent communication, which also comes with suspending judgment before the facts.

Victoria Moore

Angels Whisper You're Not Cursed

Suzan Manis

Land of All Work and No Play

Charles Price

The Council
What if... Nat Turner’s insurrection was a success? What ripple effects would have gone through America? Would it have produced a better America Blacks plead for?

Geoff Weber

The Scientists
What if... Nat Turner’s insurrection was a success? What ripple effects would have gone through America? Would it have produced a better America Blacks plead for?

Lawanda Warthen

He Looks Like Me
Written from the perspective of a little girl named Sonja, this book tells the story of the first African American Secretary of Defense Mr. Lloyd James Austin, III, a retired four-star general who served as the 12th Commander of United States Central Command (CENTCOM) and the 33rd Vice Chief of Staff of the US Army.

Warren Morris

My Papa
In this children’s book, a little girl is thankful for and appreciative of everything her grandfather does for her, such as taking her on her first plane ride, going to parks and museums with her, and introducing her to family in other states. The story brings to light the important role a father plays in the family dynamics.

Thomas Mullen

The Manor: From Spring to Fall
Book 1 of a series. In this selection the Beekman's teenage son becomes a killer of men while their teenage daughter develops her skill as a sorceress.

Melinda Scott

5th ED

Melinda Scott

Juvenescence Outdoors

Siobhan Scott

The Little Trash Truck Keeps the Neighborhood Clean
Join the little trash truck as it helps to keep the neighborhood clean.

Henry Thomas

The Family Reunion Bible Fellowship, to give thanks.

Monique Ngobeh-Velasquez

A Guardian Angel Sent From Above

Monique Ngobeh-Velasquez

Alan Arrived in the Nick of Time : book two

Monique Ngobeh-Velasquez

His Guardian Angel Ruth

Harriet Edleson

12 Ways to Retire on Less: Planning an Affordable Future

Adam Arehart

Clay Vessels: A Narrative Poem

William Galaini

Trampling in the Land of Woe
As World War I rages on Earth, Hephaestion, lauded general and soul mate of Alexander the Great|and now a citizen of Purgatory|embarks on the darkest, most challenging journey of his existence: descending into The Pit of Hell to rescue his king.

Frank Simione

Searching for Irvin McDowell: Forgotten Civil War General
First biography of U.S. Civil War General Irvin McDowell who led Union troops at both major battles in Manassas in 1861 and 1862.

Carylee Carrington

Everyone, Just Like Me
Joshua feels sad. He must wear glasses, and he feels different than the other kids. Hes the only one in his class with glasses.

Aurea Franklin

Silent Freedom
A Memoir of Service with the 101st Airborne Division Air Assault (AASLT) in Iraq.

Amanda Dew

The Story Seer
They tell me he's dangerous. His memories tell me he's not. Someone is lying, and it's my job to figure out who.

Young Adult/Fiction
Amanda Dew

The Truth Seer
“Everyone has secrets, Rory. One of life’s greatest challenges is figuring out who you can trust them with.” Aurora Reynolds has managed to make some powerful enemies in the past two weeks.

Young Adult/Fiction
Carina Rose

Once Upon a Kiss
“Hi, I’m Lacey Winters. Are you single?” The woman at the island resort had one thing in mind: making her cheating ex-boyfriend jealous.

Maryel Stone

Journey of Brothers
Matthias’ desperation to prove himself and heal his family has given him a brother.

Maryel Stone

Child of the Scales
Can child-Heir Matthias survive long enough to lead his world onto a path beyond the strict lines of Kavvana and Orexis – Order and Chaos?

Timothy Porterfield

The Star Spangled Banner : A Historical Picture Book
This book is a historical account of our national anthem.

Jahleen Wright

Breaking the Cycle : The Road to Recovery
A Collection of poems.

Toby Dorr

Living With Conviction: Unexpected Sisterhood, Healing and Redemption in the Wake of Life-Altering Choices
Memoir of rebuilding my life after prison and using my story to inspire other women.

Forrest Lindsey

In Country - My Memories of Vietnam and After
A memoir of my time in the Marines in Vietnam including my experiences in combat and being wounded and recovery.

Bonnie Blevins

Virgil Team: The Evolved Ones Series


Deacon Gerard Anthony

The Deacon and the Doctor: A Prescription for Navigating Child Loss
A spiritual, medical and psychological guide to help families acquire peace after child loss.

Nemata Blyden

African Americans and Africa: A New History
An introduction to the relationship between African Americans and Africa from the era of slavery to the present, mapping several overlapping diasporas. The diversity of African American identities through relationships with region, ethnicity, slavery, and immigration are all examined to investigate questions fundamental to the study of African American history and culture.

Paul Brower

NewStar One
A science fiction adventure about a teenager who is given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly to space.

Vicki Kelly

A City in the Sand
A fictional romance of a modern-day retired widow who finds out she's a reincarnated queen from the ancient city of Kush. It's about time travel love lost and found again 2000 years later.

Sharmine Jones

Black Women Need Love Too
Do you know the origins of the many stereotypes that plague the Black community—especially Black women? Are you aware of the social constructs put in place to reinforce these stereotypes? How detrimental are the effects of these stereotypes to Black women and our community? S. M. N. Jones leaves no stone unturned as she propels her readers to Stay Awake, Be Aware, Be Informed, and Take Action as she exposes the lies we have been told and reveals some hardcore truths.

Rachel Collins

What the Seahawk Says: A Literary Magazine for Kids by Kids
It has been my great pleasure supporting Potomac Shores Middle School as the editor-in-chief of the literary magazine, What the Seahawk Says. As Dr. Seuss says, “a person’s a person, no matter how small.” Hidden in a student body of 1100, we have child magicians. We have boys and girls who persevere through the normal ups and downs of childhood topped with the challenges of living during a pandemic. In the magazine’s first year, this cohort found time to spin tales of mystery, adventure, humor, and more.

K.M. Herbst

The True Adventures Of Thunder And Lightning
Follow the dragon Chiff in this whimsical, fantastic, unique tale as they set out across the four kingdoms to answer the questions. Who am I? Can this world accept a dragon like me? Who are you? What kind of name is Chiff? Along the way they meet six fearless adventurers who together learn what it means to be alive. At least that is what is says on the back cover. This book is about self discovery. It is written for those who feel lost in this world of ours. I tried to capture most of the lessons I have learned in my life as an autistic non-binary individual. I have learned the hard way that with the right group of friends you can overcome anything.

Cynthia Dudley

Hope Awakened
A workbook for people who have survived a suicide attempt and for those who have contemplated suicide. Written by people who have survived, or have known the feeling of not wanting to live, and who are now thriving. NOTE: If you are experiencing difficult thoughts, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 988. You're not alone, help is available.

Samantha Boateng

If You Give a Girl a Book
After receiving a book, a girl becomes a math whiz, travels to the moon, and more, all through her books! She eventually shares her love for reading with other boys and girls and even writes her own book. There are endless possibilities when you give a girl a book!

Madeline Hawthorne

A Christmas Parade
A little girl brings joy to her small town by leading a Christmas Day parade.

Kathleen Searles Ermini

Long Road Home

Josh Rachford

Cat and the Mail Truck
A house cat finds his way home after stowing away in a mail truck.