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    Chinn Park Library is undergoing minor lighting renovations. Beginning October 1, lighting may be affected. We appreciate your patience. DETAILS

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    Montclair Library is currently repairing its HVAC system. DETAILS

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    Chinn Park Library is undergoing minor lighting renovations. Beginning October 1, lighting may be affected. We appreciate your patience. DETAILS

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    Montclair Library is currently repairing its HVAC system. DETAILS

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Prince William Public Libraries

Policies & Procedures

Code of Behavior

These rules and guidelines are for the protection of all who use the library. It’s important that all library patrons comply with these standards of conduct while on library property to ensure that there are no disruptions in the normal business of the library. The Library staff may require a patron to leave the premises, may call the police or ultimately bar a patron from the library for noncompliance with this Code of Conduct. More on the Code of Behavior

Community and Study Room Use

Prince William Public Libraries (PWL) offers meeting rooms (community rooms) and group study rooms in its six full-service libraries. Use of PWPL's community rooms is offered free as a public service to non-profit organizations located in Prince William County and the City of Manassas for meetings of a civic, educational, or cultural nature. Local government agencies are also eligible to use the community rooms. All Community Rooms are currently closed to the public. Group Study Rooms are available, please check the Room Reservation webpage for details.  Library Policy on the use of Community and Study Rooms.

Confidentiality of Loan Records

The Prince William Public Library specifically recognizes its circulation records and other records identifying the names of library users with specific materials to be confidential in nature. This information is in accordance with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act under code 2.2-3705.7, 3. which protects the library records from the Freedom of Information Act. More on Confidentiality of Loan Records

Library Cards and Fees – Borrowing Privileges

Library borrowing privileges are extended to an individual who meets eligibility requirements for a free library card, or purchases a non-resident card. A person applying for a card must provide adequate identification which verifies their address, i.e., driver's license, checkbook, postmarked letters addressed to applicant, car registration, rental agreement, lease, utility bill, official online documents and identification. More on Borrowing Privileges

Library Internet & Wi-Fi Acceptable Use

The Library maintains access to the Internet on designated Library equipment as an electronic tool to locate information. The Prince William Public Library System also offers free wireless access for library patrons. A patron’s use of this service indicates acceptance of, and agreement to abide by the Prince William Public Library System’s Library Internet and Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Policy. More on Internet & Wi-Fi Use

Materials Selection

The Library System purchases materials of current and permanent value in all subjects of interest to the community. Consideration is given to current demand as well as future community needs and budgetary considerations. More on Materials Selection

Naming Spaces

This policy establishes recommendations for the naming of spaces within library facilities or specific areas on the grounds of Prince William Public Libraries. The naming of library buildings follows the established county policy and therefore is not addressed here. More on Naming Policy

Photography, Video & Other Recording Devices

Individuals and organizations (including the press) are allowed to use cameras, video camcorders and other recording devices as long as they abide by the policy set forth here. Photography, videotaping, or use of other recording devices may not interfere with the provision of library services. Staff will terminate any photography, videotaping, or recording session that appears to compromise public safety or security, or which blocks access to library materials or services. More on Photography, Video & Recording Devices


The library’s program policy supports the library’s mission of “providing lifelong enrichment across both traditional and virtual environments.” Developing and presenting programs offers both County residents and others additional opportunities for information, learning, and entertainment. More on Programs


Prince William Public Library System buildings and grounds, including the outside entry, are limited public forums where individuals are not entitled to conduct the same scope of activities that they may do on public sidewalks, and are subject to the restrictions of this Policy. All signs, other than those produced by the Library, are prohibited on Library property. Signs posted on Library grounds will be removed and disposed of by Library staff. More on Signage

Small Group Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms are provided for use by two (2) or more people at the Central Chinn Park, Dumfries, Montclair, and Haymarket Gainesville Libraries as a component of library service. Reservations may be made for the current month plus the next two consecutive months. Users will be allowed to schedule the use of a Group Study Room once per day for two hours. More on Group Study Room Policy


Persons circulating petitions for signatures or providing information may stand on Library property, outside the Library building, so long as they do not block entrances or exits, damage Library property, or interfere with patrons seeking to use the Library. Distribution of leaflets or other written material, solicitation of funds, requests for signatures on petitions, and stopping people to give information in any other form is not permitted inside the Library. More on Solicitation

Display Policies

Community & Personal Notice Bulletin Boards

The purpose of the Community Bulletin Board is to highlight items pertaining to the Library System and/or items of cultural, civic, historical, educational, or general community interest. All items displayed on the Community Bulletin Board must be from a nonprofit organization. The purpose of the Personal Notices Bulletin Boards is to allow display of items advertising services (such as day care, typing, FAX services, etc.), items for sale, or items of cultural, civic, historical, educational, or general community interest. More on Bulletin Board Policies

Exhibiting Artwork

All artwork will be reviewed for exhibition consideration. Exhibits should contribute positively and enrich the Library environment. Exhibit areas are available on an equitable basis regardless of the beliefs or affiliations of individuals or groups requesting their use. The library endeavors to present a broad spectrum of opinions and viewpoints, however, exhibition does not imply endorsement by the Prince William Public Library System or the Library Board of Trustees. More on Exhibiting Artwork