Beautification Project Completed in the Gainesville Magisterial District

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A beautification project at five locations running along several sections of James Madison Highway, where it intersects with Interstate 66, is complete and the flowers are in bloom. The project is part of the county’s Beautification Program approved by the Board of County Supervisors.   

Prince William County Chair At-Large Deshundra Jefferson spoke at a recent ceremony recognizing the project's completion.  

"The Board of County Supervisors invested in the improvement of our landscape and public areas to enhance the beauty and appeal of our county. The Prince William County Beautification Program was established as a result to create a better sense of community pride and contribute to our residents’ overall quality of life. It is amazing to see the success of that investment here in the Gainesville Magisterial District."  

The funding for the landscaping project was allocated from the Fiscal Year 2024 Budget, which designated specific funds to each magisterial district to enhance landscaping. The Gainesville Magisterial District is the second location to receive an update, with more than 700 plants, including crepe myrtles, knock out roses, shamrock holly, limelight hydrangeas, redbud and oak trees, heavy metal switchgrass and salvia. The first project was completed in the Woodbridge Magisterial District in 2023. 

Gainesville District Supervisor Bob Weir thanked everyone for coming to recognize the project.   

Khattab Shammout, the acting director of the county’s Department of Public Works, thanked the board for making the project possible and said more projects would follow. He also thanked the county partners and others who helped on the project.  

"I'd like to thank the board for providing the funding. I would like to thank VDOT for allowing us to be within the right of way and providing us the permit to do the work," Shammout said. "I'd like to thank the town of Haymarket.... Since part of that project is actually in Haymarket, we had to coordinate with them." 

Watch the Buzz Video of the event here

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