Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Summit School Road Project

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During a recent groundbreaking for the Summit School Road and Telegraph Road Widening Project, Board of County Supervisors Vice Chair and Occoquan District Supervisor Kenny Boddye said the project took planning, patience and collaboration to reach the groundbreaking stage.   

The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority (NVTA) contributed $38 million to the $40-million project with the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission (NVTC) contributing the remaining $2 million. The NVTA-funded portion of the project will include a new 0.8-mile segment on Summit School Road, featuring four travel lanes, a median, a five-foot sidewalk and a shared-use path. The NVTC-funded portion of the project will also expand the Horner Road Commuter Lot by 57 parking spaces. These improvements will help ease congestion along Minnieville Road, a major thoroughfare in the district that runs from the eastern end to mid-county. This project aligns with the Board’s goal of making travel in the county more accessible for everyone. 

“A lot of what we talked about here in the county over the last few years is traffic safety, meeting our need for human-centric [travel], as opposed to being auto-centric,” Boddye said. “Again, this project will hit a lot of the things we need to do in this area, from what you see here today to a real hub of the Occoquan District and Prince William County.”   

Prince William County Department of Transportation Director Rick Canizales echoed Boddye and said transportation in the area would be easier, faster and more convenient for everyone.   

“This is a true multi-modal project. We are standing in the largest commuter lot in Northern Virginia, and we will be improving this lot,” Canizales said. ”We will be building a new four-lane section of road. We will be widening a road down to the parkway; and we will be expanding the sidewalk and trail system throughout the corridor.”   

Northern Virginia Transportation Authority, or NVTA, Chief Executive Officer Monica Backmon said the NVTA believes the project will benefit the county and surrounding communities. 

“Oftentimes, it takes a long time to get to the point of a groundbreaking, and sometimes people get frustrated and wonder if there’s progress being made; and yes, progress is being made,” Backmon said. “This project will improve the quality of life for residents not only in Prince William County, but in neighboring counties, because what we know is that when we improve access and provide modal options, it helps all of us. When people do not have to spend time in their cars, getting frustrated, that is time that they can on doing other things.”   

Prince William County Executive Chris Shorter thanked all who have been involved in getting the project started.   

“I just want to acknowledge all the work that has taken place in advance of the work to come,” Shorter said. “I know that this is important to the community.”   

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