May is National Building Safety Month

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Buildings across the County provide safety and shelter to people, businesses and animals. From multi-level buildings that form our horizons to the homes we live in, these structures offer places to reside, do business, raise livestock, learn and enjoy leisure activities, and must be safe, secure, and resilient.


National Building Safety Month is an international campaign celebrated each May to raise awareness about building safety. The Prince William County Department of Development Services wishes to acknowledge and express our gratitude to those in our community who uphold our commitment to protecting lives as first preventers, through building safety.


We all should feel safe in our neighborhood buildings, whether it is the corner market store, the local school, or the home we live in. With a commitment to the highest quality, we strive to safeguard our community's buildings and recognize those that help the County achieve that mission.


Please join us in acknowledging all First Preventers and spreading awareness of Building Safety month messages by connecting with us @PWCDDS and use #BuildingSafety365 and #PreventPrepareProtect.

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