Prince William County Office of Elections Needs Election Officers

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The Prince William County Office of Elections is currently looking for individuals to serve as election officers in the upcoming Presidential Election. To be eligible to serve this November, applicants should submit their applications as soon as possible.

Election officers play a crucial role in the electoral process by ensuring that the voting process is fair, safe, and accurate. They are responsible for setting up the precinct for the election, checking in voters, distributing ballots and providing general assistance on Election Day.

The stipend for this position is $200 for working one day, with Spanish speakers receiving a $25 bonus. Officers also receive a free “American Hero” t-shirt and a commemorative pin for their service.

"Elections wouldn't happen without people to run them," said Prince William County Office of Elections Spokeswoman Thalia Simpson. "Our office only has 16 full-time employees, so with 103 polling places in Prince William County, our election officers are literally what allows this to work."

Long-time election officer Gerry Clemente exemplifies the dedication election officers exhibit in every election.

"It's been a privilege to serve Prince William County in precinct 509 for 10-plus years. It makes for a long but rewarding day, and I see familiar faces year after year. I feel that it's important to perform this civic duty," Clemente said.

Applicants must be registered voters and attend all required training. They should also be willing to travel to their work precinct. Applicants may not hold elective office or be employed by an elected official.

People interested in serving as election officers should submit their applications by Friday, Aug. 2, 2024, to be eligible to work for the 2024 Presidential Election on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

For more details on becoming an election officer and to apply, please visit

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