Covid-19 Response

Adult Detention Center COVID-19 Update: May 20, 2021

From: Superintendent Meletis


The current Adult Detention Center positive cases of COVID-19 are 1 staff and 0 inmates.

The Adult Detention Center continues to offer vaccinations for inmates and there are currently 235 fully vaccinated inmates. 

Inmate Programs have been restarted on a limited basis. 

The Adult Detention Center staff continue to follow the CDC guidelines related to COVID-19.

Any questions should be forwarded to Colonel P. Meletis at (703) 792-6417.




Adult Detention Center COVID-19 Update: February 17, 2021

From: Superintendent Meletis

The current Adult Detention Center positive cases of COVID-19 are 8 staff and 20 inmates. In order to decrease positive COVID-19 cases among the inmate population we continue to follow these procedures:

  • Temporarily stopped inmate programs.
  • Ceased all non-essential inmate movement.
  • All inmates committed to the ADC are quarantined for 14 days.
    Medical staff check their status daily.
  • Inmates are supplied with masks and are given instructions on personal protection equipment, handwashing, and proper distancing.
  • In the event an inmate tests positive in general population housing, they are quarantined along with inmates from the same unit. This process prevents the spread of COVID-19, however, increases the number of inmates who are quarantined. The Health Department is recommending that inmates in a jail environment remain in a 14-day quarantine status. Despite the increased number of inmates in quarantine, they are all afforded showers and clean clothing that meets and at times exceed the Virginia Department of Corrections Standards. We are enhancing inmate showers by reassigning several staff members.
  • On February 19th inmates in quarantine will decreases to 22 pending any new positive cases.
  • Inmates are currently going through the vaccination process. One hundred fifty-one inmates have received the first vaccination so far. Additional vaccines are scheduled for this week for any inmate that wishes to receive it. A sizable number of inmates have refused the vaccination.
  • On February 5th, 463 inmates were tested for COVID-19 and 434 were negative. Eleven inmates were positive, and 18 inmates refused the test. Inmates that had previously tested positive were not re-tested.
  • There have been no deaths or hospitalizations of the inmate population due to COVID-19.
  • The judges with input from the Commonwealth Attorneys office, have released over 100 inmates. The Department of Corrections has also released several state sentenced inmates prior to their scheduled release date. These two initiatives have made it possible for the ADC to continue to utilize a quarantine pod for newly committed inmates. This pod clearly prevents a major spread of COVID-19 at the ADC. However, and due to the increase in quarantined inmates single cell housing remains a challenge.
  • Inmates continue to receive non-contact visits from their families and attorneys.

ADC dedicated staff continue to follow the CDC guidelines related to COVID-19.

    • Staff are quarantined at home in the event they have COVID-19 symptoms, test positive, or have been exposed to   COVID-19.
    • Personal protective equipment is mandatory.
    • All staff and visitors have their temperature checked as they enter the ADC.
    • Staff are currently going through the vaccination process.
    • Four staff have been hospitalized for COVID-19. All have returned to work.
  • Due to the actions of the staff daily our COVID-19 cases and exposures are manageable.
  • Jail Board Chairman, Sheriff G. Hill commends the Commonwealths Attorney, Amy Ashworth for her focus on Public Safety by keeping those that pose a risk to the community incarcerated.
  • ADC staff are committed to the safety of the inmate population. Staff remain challenged every day to the evolving changes related to COVID-19. They continually adapt and respond to the ever-changing policies and procedures. Staff risk their personal safety daily to ensure that those in our care and custody remain safe, healthy and secure.
  • Jail Board Chairman, Sheriff G. Hill takes exception to the recent published article citing inhumane conditions at the ADC, indicating that the inmates are being provided with 24 hours/7 day a week medical care. Vaccines and testing are being administered, basic needs are being met, family visits are occurring, mental health staff are available to the inmates, books and writing materials are distributed, access to the courts is occurring and the ADC staff are meeting or exceeding Virginia State standards.
  • The Jail Board Chairman and I remain in regular contact concerning COVID-19 at the ADC.

Any questions should be forwarded to Colonel P. Meletis at (703) 792-6417.


  • Implemented COVID-19 screening questions on all admissions to the ADC beginning January 30, 2020
  • Developed procedures to isolate and triage at risk or symptomatic inmates
  • Posted signage for law enforcement to place inmates in a mask if they pose any COVID-19 concerns
  • Implemented new process for non-contact interviews by Pre-Trial Services, GMU Peer Specialists, Attorneys and Bonding Agents 


  • Communication with the inmate population on proper hygiene and prevention
  • Staff screening (temperature, travel etc.)
  • Additional signage and communication to ADC on safety precautions to prevent COVID-19

Work Release

  • Contacted the Virginia Department of Corrections to seek approval for State responsible inmates to be placed on home incarceration
  • Developed a staffing plan to respond to an increase in home incarceration
  • Conducting a triage assessment to include temperatures on all work release inmates entering the facility 


  • Implemented protocols to screen and isolate symptomatic and/or high-risk inmates since January 30, 2020
  • N95 mask fit testing 
  • Identification of inmates that are medically high risk


  • Cancelled Jail Basic Academy Graduation
  • Limiting staff training to 10 per class
  • Jail Basic Certification training to continue at this time 

Food Service

  • Procuring additional food in the event of supply interruptions 

Support Services

  • Cancelled all non-emergency inmate medical transports
  • Implemented video arraignments for Circuit Court
  • Implemented additional protective procedures for transporting sick inmates


  • Suspended all volunteer programming and intern related re-entry services
  • Developed an Emergency Housing Plan in the event of a quarantine
  • Communicated with inmate population on precautions to prevent spread of COVID-19


  • Developed a comprehensive inventory of Personal Protective Equipment and cleaning supplies
  • Continually procuring available gloves, disinfectant, masks etc. to maintain supply


  • Suspended all contact professional visits
  • COVID-19 signage placed on the ADC entrances
  • Limiting the number of visitors for non-contact visitation to ten (10)
  • Implementing social distancing in the non-contact visitation area
  • Implementing social distancing between ADC lobby staff and the general public


  • Circuit, General District and Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts are reviewing low risk cases and medically vulnerable cases.
  • The ADC continues to work collaboratively with the Prince William County Courts, the Prince William County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, and Defense Counsel

The Adult Detention Center is actively participating in weekly conference calls with the Prince William County Emergency Operations Center and the Law Enforcement group, including the Police Departments and Sheriff's Office.