Prison Rape Elimination Act

The Prince William- Manassas Regional Detention Center has a zero tolerance policy toward sexual abuse and sexual harassment in our facilities. The Adult Detention Center will comply and enforce all federal, state and local laws pertaining sexual abuse. The agency is committed to the prevention, detection, response and investigation of sexual misconduct.

All reports will be fully investigated, which includes allegations of sexual abuse and sexual harassment, by the Internal Affairs Division of the Prince William-Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center and/or the Prince William County Police Department.

In compliance with the PREA standards we have implemented several procedures for the prompt reporting of allegations of alleged sexual offenses.  The agency has taken a pro-active stance in educating all visitors, contractors, volunteers and vendors that are in contact with the inmate population.  All Adult Detention Center staff have been trained in prevention, detection and investigation of sexual related incidents. The inmates are also educated to their rights to be free of any form of sexual abuse.  Any substantiated instances of sexual abuse relating to inmate to inmate, staff/volunteer/vendor/contractor to inmate will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as well as any false allegations of sexual abuse.

If you suspect that an inmate is the victim of sexual abuse or harassment it may be reported by:

Call the PREA hotline at (703) 792-4090.  This is a voice mail box that is monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Please provide the inmates name, circumstances pertaining to the alleged incident and your name and contact information.

Use the PREA email link to report any suspicion of sexual abuse.  This email will only be monitored for instances/allegations of sexual misconduct within the Prince William-Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center.  Please do not use this email link for any other purpose.

Call the ADC main number at (703) 792-6420 and ask to speak to a shift supervisor.