Send/Receive Mail

Mailing Address:

Prince William - Manassas Regional Adult Detention Center
9320 Lee Avenue
Manassas VA  20110

Mail Restrictions:

  • Inmates may send and receive an unlimited amount of mail. All mail is examined for contraband. The inmate's jail number must appear on all pieces of correspondence.

  • Sender must use a complete return address.

  • Send money orders with inmate’s name and jail number. Do not send cash or personal checks.

  • Do not send stamps, envelopes, paper, pens, pencils, inappropriate pictures / drawings (including images with hand gestures of any kind or weapons), plastic cards, phone cards, stickers, items glued together, staples, glitter (including glitter pens), confetti, cut up pieces of paper, white-out, glue, envelopes with drawings, perfume or lipstick or any foreign substance.   
  • Incoming pictures are limited to 10 per envelope and no larger than 6x 9. Polaroid photographs are NOT accepted. Inappropriate photos from a third party vendor will be shredded.

  • Greeting cards will not be accepted.

  • Books and magazines are provided by the facility and will not be accepted. Photocopies, printer copies, torn pages, blank coloring pages, blank or copies of puzzle pages (i.e., word search/word find/sudoku) from magazines, books, or newspapers will be refused and returned to the sender.  

  • All religious materials must be sent by the publisher and approved by the Jail Chaplain.  All religious books must be soft covered. 

  • Newspapers must be received by mail directly from the publisher. 

  • Padded/protected envelopes or flats will be refused and returned to the sender. The only exception to padded envelopes and flats will be legal mail received or sent directly from an attorney.

  • Packages will not be accepted.

  • Vulgar or obscene materials will be returned to the sender.

  • Envelopes containing prohibited items listed above will be refused and returned to the sender.