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Circuit Court Clerk's Office


Adoptions are filed in the Civil Section, room 314 of the Judicial Center.

An adoption proceeding is very complex; therefore it is strongly recommended that you consult with an attorney. Please be advised Clerk's Office staff cannot offer legal advice or assist you in the preparation of legal pleadings.

Adoption files and proceedings are always handled in the most confidential manner. We are strictly prohibited from giving the status of any adoption case over the phone. Adoption cases are not viewable to the public on the website. To receive any information regarding an adoption, you must appear in person, be a party (plaintiff or defendant) to the adoption and show proof of ID. (Being the adoptee does not qualify you as a party to the adoption.)  If they are unable to come in person, you will need to contact the Virginia Department of Social Services, Adoption Unit in Richmond.

An adoptee who wants to initiate a search for his birth family needs to contact the Permanency Unit, Virginia Department of Social Services, 7 North Eighth Street, Richmond VA 23219. An “Adoptee Application for Disclosure” is available from the Permanency Unit.

Please notify the Circuit Court Clerk's Office by email if you find that any of the links on this page do not work.