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Circuit Court Clerk's Office

Restoration of Driving Privilege

Restoration of Driving Privilege

The Circuit Court approves the restoration of driving privileges and restricted driver's licenses.

If your license was suspended because of traffic or criminal convictions, then file your documents in Criminal (Room 310). (See Suspended & Restricted Driver's License)

If your license was suspended because of:
Adjudicated being an Habitual Offender §§ 46.2-358, 46.2-359, 46.2-360. 46.2-361; or
DWI-Third Offense § 46.2-391; or

Failure to Pay Child Support § 46.2-320; or

Failure to Pay Fines and Costs § 46.2-395,

then file your documents in Civil (Room 314), and continue on this page.

General Information

  • Refer to Virginia Code § 46.2-358 through Virginia Code § 46.2-361 to determine the proper jurisdiction where you are to file the petition. The Petitioner is responsible for ensuring the appropriate documents are filed in the proper jurisdiction. Petitioners are strongly encouraged to engage an attorney to represent their interest. These forms are not provided nor intended to replace legal assistance. The Clerk's Office is not responsible for determining which forms must be utilized or which jurisdiction the documents must be filed.
  • For failure to pay child support or to pay fines and costs, you may apply for a restricted license. There are no forms (petition, notice and order) provided for failure to pay.
  • Everyone who applies for a restricted or restored license should complete a Worksheet for Restricted License.
  • It is imperative that you be seated in the assigned courtroom no later than 8:55 a.m. on your hearing date.

What to File

  • Worksheet for Restricted Driver's License, which you do in the Clerk's Office, even if you are applying for restoration.
  • Petition for Restoration of Driving Privilege Form (see Forms below) - an original and 4 copies. This sets forth the legal basis for restoration.
  • Notice and Motion for Restoration of Driving Privilege - an original and 4 copies. Set the hearing on a Friday at 9:00 a.m., six (6) weeks from the date you file your Petition and Notice and Motion with the Clerk's Office.
  • Order for Restoration of Driving Privilege (see Forms below). You must complete all items on the three-page Order and mark all blocks that apply to your situation. Do not complete the section titled "It Is Therefore Ordered That." That section is for the judge to complete. If the Court grants your petition, the judge will sign the order. Bring this to the Clerk's Office when you file your petition and notice and motion. The Clerk will return it to you. You must bring the Order with you to your hearing.
  • Ten days prior to the hearing on your petition, you must file a copy of your Driving Record no older than 30 days prior to filing, which you can obtain from the Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • Ten days prior to the hearing on your petition, you must file a Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (VASAP) evaluation if any of the convictions on your driving transcript which led to the suspension of your license were alcohol related in accordance with Virginia Code §§ 46.2-3601 (1) and 46.2-391. To obtain a VASAP evaluation, you can contact Prince William VASAP, 9108-D Manassas Drive, Manassas Park, VA 20111, 703-369-7979.
  • Ten days prior to the hearing on your petition you must file the report of your recent Criminal Record Check which you can obtain from the appropriate county or city police department.
  • Important: When filling out the required documents, you must type the information or legibly print in black ink.


Filing Fees: $110.00 ($86.00 Filing fee + Sheriff's service fee of $24.00)

Submit the required documents and fees to:
Clerk of Circuit Court
Prince William County
Civil Section Room 314
9311 Lee Avenue
Manassas Virginia 20110-5598

Please notify the Circuit Court Clerk's Office by email if you find that any of the links on this page do not work.