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Circuit Court Clerk's Office

Suspended & Restricted Driver’s License

Suspended & Restricted Driver’s License

The Circuit Court approves the restoration of driving privileges and restricted driver's licenses.

If your license was suspended because of:
Adjudicated being an Habitual Offender §§ 46.2-35846.2-35946.2-36046.2-361; or
DWI-Third Offense § 46.2-391; or

Failure to Pay Child Support § 46.2-320; or

Failure to Pay Fines and Costs § 46.2-395 E,

then file your documents in Civil (Room 314). (See Restoration of Driving Privileges)

If your license was suspended because of traffic or criminal convictions, then file your documents in Criminal (Room 310) and continue on this page.

Certain traffic and criminal convictions by Virginia Code require operator's license suspension. Most drug related convictions result in a mandatory 6-month license suspension. A driver's license will be suspended pursuant to §46.2-395 for failure or refusal to pay fines or costs as ordered.

If your license is suspended because of a conviction, the court may grant a restricted license during the period of suspension. In order to be granted a restricted license, you must file a Motion for the 9 a.m. Friday Motions Docket and a Worksheet filled out in the Clerk's Office, room 310, one week prior to the Friday when you would like the motion heard.  If your motion is granted, the temporary restricted license will be typed by the Clerk's Office (Room 310).  Please take this temporary restricted license to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), who will issue a permanent restricted operator's license.  Once the suspension has expired, it is your responsibility to go back to DMV to get your license reinstated. DMV may have other requirements that you have to comply with before your license is re-issued.

If your license is suspended for failure to pay court costs as ordered, you may petition for a 6-month restricted license pursuant to § 46.2-395 E with the Civil Office, Room 314.  To have your operating privileges reinstated, you must pay the outstanding balance or enter into a payment plan.  After doing so, you will need to take a Driver's License Reinstatement form (DC30), which is prepared by a Deputy Clerk (Room 310), to a DMV office and comply with all other DMV requirements.

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