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Circuit Court Clerk's Office

Criminal Forms & Fees

The Circuit Court Clerk's Criminal Office (Room 310) maintains all criminal files, prepares summons, accepts payments of fines and restitution, updates the criminal case management data base, and responds to requests for information.

The Criminal Office of the Circuit Court handles all felony cases and misdemeanor cases originating by Grand Jury action as well as misdemeanor and traffic appeals from the General District and Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Courts.

Adult traffic infractions are processed by the General District Court, which is a separate entity with its own Clerk's Office. Only when cases are appealed from the General District or Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court do they fall under the jurisdiction of the Circuit Court. Therefore, before contacting the Circuit Court to inquire about the status of a traffic infraction case or pre-payment of a traffic fine, it is important to determine beforehand which Court has jurisdiction. This will prevent any unnecessary delay in processing. Unlike the District Courts that have separate traffic dockets, the Circuit Court integrates traffic infraction appeals into its criminal docket.


Court Reporters are provided for all criminal felony cases. Rudiger, Green & Kerns Reporting Services, 4116 Leonard Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030, 703-591-3136 provide the service. If a party wants a copy of the transcript, the party should contact Rudiger, Green & Kerns Reporting Services directly to inquire about costs and to order it.



Copies 50 cents per page
Certify Copy $2.00 (plus copies at 50 cents per page)


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