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Circuit Court Clerk's Office

Access to Online Records

General Information

The Clerk of Circuit Court is pleased to make land records and court case information available online. 

Land Records

Land Records consist of: Deeds and related Land Records (indexes and images 1918 to present), UCC Filings (Financing Statements indexes and images from 1989 to present), Plats (indexes and images from 1918 to present), Judgments (indexes and some images from 1988 to present), Fiduciaries (Wills, Probate, List of Heirs indexes and images from 1981 to present), Fictitious Names (Trade Names indexes and images from July, 1986 to present), Clerk’s Orders (indexes and images from 1981 to present), Marriage Licenses (indexes from 1981 to present) and Highway Plats (indexes and images June 7, 1995 to April 13, 2005).  The following are available also as indexes only and are limited in scope: Chancery (1989-1990) Charter (Fictitious Names 1987-1988) Criminal (1988-1990) Law (1989) and Miscellaneous Orders (1986-1992 includes appointment of church trustees).

There are two ways to access these records online:

 1.   By subscription. (Remote Access LRMS) A signed agreement is required. The cost is $240 per year for unlimited access.
 2. By paying per use. (Records for Occasional User) Access to the site is provided as a convenience for occasional users. Searching the index is free. If you would like to purchase a copy of a document in order to see it or print it, there is a fee of $.50 per image. In addition, to offset the costs of providing this service, an Internet Convenience Fee of $2.00 will be added and displayed at the time of purchase.

Court Case Information

Information about Prince William County Circuit Court Cases since July 1, 1989 is available online. (Juvenile, adoptions and sealed cases are not available.) Select “Prince William County Circuit," choose “Criminal” or “Civil” and your search parameters. You can search by defendant or plaintiff case number or hearing date. General information about the case, hearings and disposition will be displayed. There are tabs for Pleadings/Orders and Service information. The information is current and is what a Clerk would look at if you called.

To see a document, come to the Judicial Center. Most current cases have been scanned and are available for viewing on computers available in Criminal (room 310), Civil (room 314) and Public Service Center (room 305).

Other Records Online

1937 Digitized Aerial Photographs of Prince William
The originals are in the Clerk’s Archives. The project to digitize these maps was done in conjunction with Prince William County and Wetlands Studies and Solutions Inc. To access the digitized 1937 aerial photographs:

  • Access Aerial Image Viewer

  • Locate and Zoom to an Intersection or a Parcel Address or GPIN

  • In the Menu box (left) choose Map Layers Aerial Imagery 1937.

Parcel History Tree
Prince William County GIS/Mapping at the request of the Clerk's Office developed a program important to title searchers that helps the user to identify the Parent-to-Child and/or Child-to-Parent Relationships for a specific GPIN.  The Parcel History Tree is available at parcelhistory/.

Chancery Records
In conjunction with the Library of Virginia scanned images of chancery records from 1804 - 1951 are available at http://www.lva.virginia.gov/chancery/. The bulk of this collection covers 1831 through 1921. These materials were scanned with the bills, answers and decrees at the end of the case file.  The originals are in the Clerk’s Archives.

If you have questions please send an email to [email protected].

Please notify the Circuit Court Clerk's Office by email if you find that any of the links on this page do not work.