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Circuit Court Clerk's Office

Remote access (LRMS)


Please be advised effective July 1, 2018, pursuant to HB 1539, this office will no longer collect a Regional Congestion Relief fee.  This bill now creates a Regional WMATA Capital fee to be collected by this office effective same date. The fee is collected on deeds, instruments or writings that grants, assigns, transfers or conveys lands, tenements or realty recorded in this jurisdiction.  Rate of the fee is .15 for each $100 or fraction of the consideration or value of the interest, whichever is greater.  The fee is calculated from the value used to assess grantor tax.


The first time logging on go to https://www4.pwcgov.org/Web, input your current user ID and use the password sent to you in a recent e-mail. Press “log-in”.

Remote Access to Land Records (Subscription)

The Clerk's Office is pleased to offer Remote Access to its Land Records Management System (LRMS) via the Internet. Access is available through subscription. In order to obtain a subscription, complete the Individual Subscriber Agreement for Remote Access. The Individual Subscriber Agreement Checklist is a guide to completing the Agreement(s). Send your completed Agreement to:

Clerk of Circuit Court
Attn: LRMS Web Subscription
Room 300
9311 Lee Avenue
Manassas VA 20110

The cost is $240 per person

Please note we are no longer pro-rating days. Your subscription will start on the day entered into the computer.

To obtain a Government Subscriber Agreement, please call 703-792-6035 or email [email protected]. Please have the Virginia Code section that would apply.