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Records for Occasional Users

Notice: Effective Monday, December 19, 2016, if you have used Occasional User before, you will need to create a new account. The new URL is https://www4.pwcgov.org/Web

Welcome to the Clerk of Circuit Court Records Management System Eagle Recorder for the Occasional User.

ACCESS TO Eagle Recorder:
Access to the site is provided as a convenience. Searching the index is free. If you would like to view or print a document, there is a fee of $.50 per image. In addition, to offset the costs of providing this service, an Internet Convenience Fee of $2.00 will be added and displayed at the time of purchase. If you object to this convenience fee, you can come to the Clerk's Office and search the data using internal public access terminals where no convenience fee is charged and no log on is required, but there is a fee of $.50 per copy.

There are no refunds even if you accidentally select/print a document you did not want.

Indexes/Images Available on Eagle Recorder for the County of Prince William and Cities of Manassas and Manassas Park:

  • Deeds and Related Land Records - Indexes and images from Jan. 1, 1918 to present.
  • Fiduciaries (Wills, Probate, List of Heirs) - Indexes and images from Jan. 3, 1981 to present.
  • Fictitious Names (Trade Names) - Indexes and images from July 1, 1986 to present.
  • UCC Filings (Financing Statements) - Indexes and images available from 1989 to present. Note: includes financing statements filed prior to 1989 if continued. As of July 1, 2001 most financing statements are filed with the Virginia State Corporation Commission.
  • Plats (House location surveys are not recorded nor available.) - Indexes and images from 1918 to present.
  • Judgments - Indexes from Jan. 1 1988 to present. Notes: Judgments Jan. 1, 1988 to June 30, 1989: the index will reflect a Book and Page only. Judgment and release information will have to be viewed in the Clerk's Office unless the release was recorded after Jan. 1, 1998. Judgments July 1, l989 to Dec. 31, l997: the index information will include more detailed online data but no image. The more data screen may reflect a release date or it may be recorded as a separate entry in the index if recorded after Jan. 1, l998. Judgments and releases recorded from Jan. 1, 1998 will have an associated image.
  • Clerk's Orders - Indexes and images from July 1, 1981 to present.
  • State Highway Plats – Images only. Need to know book and page from recorded instrument. Can only access by “instrument search.” Books 13 – 17 (June 7, 1995 to April 13, 2005)
  • Marriage licenses – Indexes only from Jan. 1, 1981 to present. Note: Marriage licenses are not considered a legal document unless certified by the Clerk of Court.

The following are available as indexes only and are limited in scope.

  • Chancery (1989-1990)
  • Charter (Fictitious Names 1987-1988)
  • Criminal (1988-1990)
  • Law (1989)
  • Miscellaneous Orders (1986-1992 includes appointment of church trustees)

At this time we cannot certify a document via the Internet. To obtain a certified copy of any document, send a written request with a check or money order payable to Clerk of Court for $.50 for each page plus $2.00 for each certified document (not page) and a self addressed stamped envelope to: Clerk of Circuit Court, Room 305, 9311 Lee Avenue, Manassas VA 20110.

RECORDS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Eagle Recorder for the Occasional User Logon

Instructions for How to Search for a Document


Name/Legal Search

Last Name/Organization – Enter either all or a partial last name or an organization name.

First Name – Enter either all or a partial first name.

Press the Enter key to yield "summary Search" results. That is all the information needed to perform a basic search.

You can narrow your search results with more specific information. There are other options such as:

Party – Being first or second as recorded on the document.

Recorded Within – Select a day to start the search and a day to end the search or select "Today" or "Yesterday.

Advanced – Allows you to select even more information, such as "Categories/DocTypes", "Consideration" values and "Legal Filters".

Instrument Search: The instrument search is used to search by entering a book and page or an instrument number. The result set will return information that matches the numbers entered.

Search Types:

  • Name Search This will display a list of names that you can select to display only those search results.
  • Summary Search This will display all the names matching your search criteria.
  • Detail Data This will display all of the names and all of the legal descriptions as well as hot links to marginals (related documents).

Note - The more selective the search the more likely the chance of missing documents.


  • Go to https://www4.pwcgov.org/Web
  • Click "Register Here" and enter your contact information.
  • Enter your First and Last Name
  • Enter your e-mail address
  • Enter a User ID of your choosing.
  • Enter a password of your choosing.
  • Enter the password again for confirmation.
  • Select a Secret Question from the dropdown menu. Enter your Secret Answer. This will be used to verify your identity if you forget your password.

If you would like to view or print documents, place the document in your shopping cart.

To Access Your Documents:

After you pay, the documents will be available for viewing by returning to your Shopping Cart and clicking on the View Image icon.

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