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Circuit Court Clerk's Office

Attorney eFiling

Prince William’s Circuit Court Clerk’s Office currently accepts a limited number of Civil document types can be filed using VJEFS.

In order to use the VJEFS, your equipment must meet or exceed the following software and hardware requirements:

  1. A computer operating on Windows XP or higher with Internet access.
  2. Internet browser software such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome. Internet browsers supported are: Chrome 23 for XP, Vista and Windows 7; Firefox 17 for XP, Vista and Windows 7; and Internet Explorer 9 for Vista and Windows 7 (not XP).
  3. Adobe Reader or equivalent software to view Portable Document Format (PDF) documents.
  4. Software to convert documents from a word processor format to PDF.
  5. The correct security settings on the computer that allow it to accept cookies from the VJEFS.
  6. Access to a scanner to create images of non-computerized documents, such as exhibits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Be Filed?
Currently only a limited number of Civil document types can be filed using VJEFS. More are being added each week. You can file:

  • General Civil (Subsequent Action): Third Party Claim; Counterclaim; Cross Claim; and Reinstatement
    Business & Contract: Attachment; Contract Action; Contract Specific Performance; and Detinue
    Property: Ejectment; Encumber/Sell Real Estate; Enforce Vendor’s Lien; Escheatment; Establish Boundaries; Landlord/Tenant, Unlawful Detainer; Mechanics Lien; Partition; Quiet Title; and Termination of Mineral Rights
  • Tort: Asbestos Litigation; Intentional Tort; Medical Malpractice; Motor Vehicle Tor; Other General Tort Liability; Product Liability; and Wrongful Death
  • Domestic & Family: Annulment; Divorce Contested & Uncontested; and Separate Maintenance
  • Probate/Wills & Trusts: Accounting; Aid and Guidance; Appointment Guardian/Conservator or Standby; Trust –Impress/Declare or Reformation; and Will Construe or Contested
  • Miscellaneous: Declaratory Judgment; Freedom of Information; Injunction; Name Change; and Taxes Correct Erroneous State/Local or Delinquent.

Is it possible to file into one of my current cases?
You can only e-file into an e-filed case. Therefore, if you have a current case, you can’t e-file additional documents into it. For further guidance see Rules of Supreme Court of Virginia, Rule 1:17 Electronic Filing and Service.

What about service?
Service can be requested when e-filing a new case. Sheriff's service will be sent out to the appropriate Sheriff's Office by the Clerk's Office.

Private processes service documents will be available for the attorney to print from VJEFS and provide to a private processor.

What if I have a problem?
Send an e-mail to [email protected]

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Registration Application (Complete it online, print it and return to Clerk's Office. Keep a copy for your records.)

Users Manual (This is very helpful for the administrator and those filing.)