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Circuit Court Clerk's Office

Appointments as Notary & Renewal

General Information

To become a notary or to renew your appointment, you must be at least 18 years of age and read and write English. You must complete an application and submit it to the Secretary of the Commonwealth. Once it is approved by the Secretary of the Commonwealth, then you must take your oath of office and pick up your commission at the Clerk's Office, Room 305.

Notary Services are not provided at the Courthouse. Deputy Clerks can sign in lieu of a notary only for documents filed in our court. 

To find a notary, you could look in a phone book or contact the public library or your bank.

Notary Application 

Complete Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Application for Appointment as Notary Public following the instructions on the form (mail the completed application with the fee of $45.00, payable to the Treasurer of Virginia, Secretary of the Commonwealth for processing).

Take the Oath of Office to Qualify & Receive Commission 

After you send in your application to the Secretary of the Commonwealth, in about four weeks you will be sent a letter by the Secretary that your application for appointment has been approved. Please call our office at 703-792-6036 or email us at [email protected] to confirm we have your certificate. The Clerk's office cannot administer the oath of office until we have received your information from the Notary Office in Richmond.

If a certificate is not picked up within 60 days of issuance (not the date the letter was received), it is returned to the Secretary of the Commonwealth and the applicant will have to reapply.

If you change your name, etc., contact the Notary Office in Richmond 804-692-2536.


Application for Appointment as Notary Public


Notary Qualification Fee $10.00


Secretary of the Commonwealth Notary Information
Authentication/Apostille, Secretary of the Commonwealth

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