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Circuit Court Clerk's Office

Circuit Court Clerks 1731 – Present

Name Court Location Dates
Catesby Cocke County Colchester 1731-1742
Peter Wagener County Orlando 1 1742-1752
John Graham County Dumfries 2 1752-1777
Robert Graham County Dumfries 1777-1795
John I. Williams 3 County Dumfries 1795-1813
Philip D. Dawe County Dumfries/Brentsville 1813-1832
John Williams, II Circuit 4 Brentsville 5 1832-1852
Philip D. Lipscomb Circuit Brentsville 1852-1865
Modecai B. Sinclair 6 Circuit Brentsville 1865-1869
John C. Poor 7 (appointed) Circuit Brentsville 1869-1870
Little C. Osmun 8 Circuit Brentsville 1870-1870
Lucian A. Davis Circuit Brentsville 1871-1887
Edwin Nelson (appointed) 9 Circuit Brentsville 10 1887-1911
William E. Lipscomb (appointed) 11 Circuit Manassas 1911-1911
John A. Nicol (appointed) 12 Circuit Manassas 1911-1911
James E. Herrell Circuit Manassas 1912-1916
George C. Tyler Circuit Manassas 1916-1938
Leamon Ledman Circuit Manassas 1939-1943
Odale D. Waters (appointed) Circuit Manassas 1943-1943
Worth H. Storke Circuit Manassas 1944-1960
Leda Sowers Thomas Circuit Manassas 1960-1971
Leslie A. Athey Circuit Manassas 1971-1973
Charlton E. Gnadt 13 Circuit Manassas 1973-1990
William M. Ryland (appointed) 14 Circuit Manassas 1990-1991
David C. Mabie 15 Circuit Manassas 1992-2007
Glenda W. Jones (appointed) 16 Circuit Manassas 2007-2007
Michèle B. McQuigg 17 Circuit Manassas 2008-2017
Robert S FitzSimmonds III (appointed) 18 Circuit Manassas 2017
Jacqueline C. Smith, Esquire Circuit Manassas 2017-Present


1 The County Court moved to the Vicinity of Orlando (on Quantico Marine Corps Base) in 1742.


2 The County Court moved to Dumfries in 1762.
3 This John Williams was the father of the subsequent Clerk of the same name.
4 The Circuit Court as known today was established in 1852.
5 The Circuit Court moved to Brentsville in 1852.
6 On April 5 1869 the military government of Virginia removed Mordecai B. Sinclair as County and Circuit
Court Clerk.
7 The military government of Virginia appointed John C. Poor to be County and Circuit Court Clerk on April 5 1869 & served until the end of the year.
8 Elected, but died at the end of first year in office.
9 Appointed Circuit Court Clerk on death of his predecessor in May 1887; elected later that year.
10 The Circuit Court moved to Manassas in 1893.
11 Appointed Circuit Court Clerk and resigned after one month.
12 Appointed Circuit Court Clerk and served to the end of the year.
13 Retired before the end of office term.
14 Appointed to serve remainder of previous term.
15 Retired before the end of office term.
16 Appointed "Acting Circuit Court Clerk" and served until end of year.
17 Died during second term.
18 Appointed "Acting Circuit Court Clerk" until special election.


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