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Circuit Court Clerk's Office

Civil Court Orders

In Prince William all civil orders, including scheduling orders, are prepared by the attorneys/pro se parties.

Submitting a Proposed Order
When submitting a proposed order for Judge's signature, please send the original only. DO NOT ATTACH any other copies. A law clerk will review the order.

Obtaining/Receiving a Copy of Signed Order
To receive a copy of an order, attach a self-addressed stamped envelope(s) to the original proposed order. OR
If you have a folder in Circuit Court a copy of your Order will be placed there if an envelope with the box number was attached to the proposed order. Copies of orders are not automatically sent to the defendant's attorney or the defendant if he has no attorney or to the plaintiff's attorney or the plaintiff if he has no attorney unless an envelope is provided.

Only a certified copy of the final order is provided free of charge to the defendant’s attorney or the defendant if he has no attorney and to the plaintiff’s attorney or the plaintiff if he has no attorney. Copies are fifty cents ($.50) per page. Certifications are an additional $2.00 per document.

If there is an Error in a Signed Order
For example if a name is incorrectly spelled, an amended order must be submitted for consideration by the Judge.

To Obtain a Copy of an Order

For current cases first determine if the Order has been signed. Visit our Case Management System. Select 'Prince William' and then 'Civil' followed by your search criteria. Just because it was submitted does not mean that it was signed immediately nor does it mean that it was returned to the Clerk's Office immediately. If it is not in the system yet, the Clerk's Office doesn't have it yet.

For closed cases copy requests are processed by the Judicial Center Public Service Center, Room 305. The cost is fifty cents ($.50) per page plus $2.00 per document for certification if needed.
Send an email to [email protected] (preferable) or call the Public Service Center 703-792-6036 or the Civil Section 703-792-6029 (for current cases only) to find out how many pages are in the document(s) needed. Then complete the “Court Copy Request Form” and mail to the Clerk’s Office with payment.

Please notify the Circuit Court Clerk's Office by email if you find that any of the links on this page do not work.