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Plan Review

Plan Reviewers within Environmental Management are responsible for reviewing lot grading plans, as-built plans, site plans, and subdivision plans for compliance with the regulations set forth in the following manuals.

Lot Grading Plan Review

Lot grading plans are required when a single family home is built in Prince William County.  A lot grading plan shows existing and proposed topography of a lot, setbacks from all property lines, the footprint of the proposed home as well as a  proposed location for any well and septic systems, when required.  A lot grading plan will almost always consist of a geotechnical report which describes the soil found in the location where a home site is proposed. 
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Environmental Restrictions

Before starting any construction or land improvement project, you must apply for the required permits and approvals. This ensures the proper controls and measures to protect environmentally sensitive areas are put in place. Public Works staff will help you with this process, to ensure you take all the rights steps before starting your project.
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