Prince William Public Libraries

Room Reservation



Group Study Rooms are provided for use by two (2) or more people at the Central, Chinn Park, Dumfries, Montclair, and Haymarket Gainesville Libraries as a component of library service.

Reservations may be made for the current month plus the next two consecutive months. Users will be allowed to schedule the use of a Group Study Room once per week for two hours. The library should be notified in advance of any cancellations.

Requests for Group Study Room use must be made by a library cardholder 13 years and older.

In accordance with the Unattended Children at the Library Policy, children under 12 must be kept with and supervised by an adult while at the library.

The application will be reviewed by the Branch Manager, or designee, for approval.

Groups may not conduct fundraising activities, may not collect dues and may not charge admission in the Group Study Rooms.

Smoking, candles, or use of an open flame are not allowed.

The person requesting the room reservation shall be held financially responsible for any damage to the facility, furniture or equipment during the period of use. If any library equipment is to be used, please ask library staff for assistance when needed.

The library assumes no responsibility for loss, damage, or liability/injury that may arise through use of the facility. Equipment, supplies or personal effects may not be stored in or left in the building before or after use of the room.

Attendance at events in the Group Study Rooms will be limited to the available seating provided for the room.

Room locations and occupancy limits are as follows:

Central Group Study Room A
6 people (max)
Central Group Study Room B
6 people (max)
Chinn Park Study Room 1:
2 people (max)
Dumfries Study Room B
6 people (max)
Haymarket Gainesville Group Study Room A
8 people (max)
Haymarket Gainesville Group Study Room B:
8 people (max)
Montclair Group Study Room 1
​4 people (max)
Montclair Group Study Room 2:
4 people (max) 
Montclair Group Study Room 3:
8 people (max) 


Use of any library space by an individual or group shall not interfere with the normal operation of the library. Any activity which is so judged by the library staff is cause for the library staff to expel the group and deny use of library Group Study Rooms.

Failure to observe these guidelines or misrepresentation in a room reservation request will lead to cancellation of the group’s reservations.

I agree to these terms and want to request a Group Study Room.

iaccept.png  OR  cancelroom.png

For more information please review PWPL's Use of Community and Study Rooms Policy and Procedures. ​Questions? Contact the Branch Administrator at the library in which you would like to hold your meeting.